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How to look less tired

How to look less tired

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I often feel that I look like death warmed up. It’s a hazard that goes hand-in-hand with parenthood. Sleepless nights, stressful workdays and the endless round of household chores can wear a girl down. I know it’s got really bad when even my make-up doesn’t seem to make a bit of difference! But then I realised – it’s all in the technique.

How do celebs step off a 12-hour flight looking gawgus, darling? Well, apart from the fact they’ve been in 1st class, have top-of-the-line products and regular facials … they know how to apply their make-up right. Here are a few make-up tips from the experts that we’ve picked up from around the web. You too can banish baggy eyes, dark rings and sallow skin with a few sneaky sweeps of a brush. Here’s how.

Moisturise Well

Dry skin makes you look instantly tired. It looks taut and stretched and gives an impression of tension and stress. So, before you begin your make-up routine, always apply a good quality moisturiser. Preferably one with a built-in SPF of at least 15. This will boost and hydrate your skin, while offering protection from the glowing age-menace in the sky.

Avoid Foundation Fumbles

Too much, too little, or a poorly-chosen colour foundation can all draw attention to your face for the wrong reasons. If you wear none at all, or very little, then the striking tones of your other make-up will make your skin looked washed out and tired. Too much foundation will emphasise any lines and wrinkles, the wrong colour makes your head looked detached from your body (although you may often feel this way you don’t really want to be sharing it with the world!). Apply an appropriate colour evenly over your face for a fresh, natural appearance.

Engage with your Eyeliner

How to look less tiredThe eyes say it all when you’re tired, it’s tempting to over-compensate by lathering on the liner. In fact this just makes your eyes look small and highlights fact you are tired. Deep eyeliner colours can also emphasise bloodshot eyes – not good. Try lining your lower lid with a light colour that is just a little darker than your skin tone. This will have the effect of opening up your eyes. If you’re feeling daring a subtle swipe of white can also create an illusion of freshness – and illusion is what it’s all about, right?!

Don’t Forego the Blusher

When you’re tired, the blood tends to drain from your skin making you look washed out and pale. Even with a good foundation cover your skin can still appear to be flat, be sure to liven it up with a swish of blush on your cheeks that sweeps up towards your hairline. It will create instant contrast, colour, and lift your appearance no end.

Keep it Fresh

According to the experts one of the biggest make-up mistakes is to neglect to freshen up your appearance through the day. Even a hint of rubbed-off foundation, smudged eyeliner or wonky lipstick creates an instant impression of ‘slightly unkempt’. It screams ‘this lady is TIRED!’. A swift bathroom break where you reapply concealer where it’s needed, smooth out your eyebrows and remove any smudges will keep you looking morning-fresh all day. You can flop when you get home, secure in the knowledge that the world has been wowed by your apparent energy and vitality.



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