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How to make Pompoms


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Pompoms can be time consuming, based on the size of the ball you wish to make. Of course this is a good thing, you can keep your little ones busy for many hours! On a rainy day this is a brilliant activity to do. The average ball we made took roughly 4 hours to complete, but of course it’s something that doesn’t have to be completed all at one time so you can do a bit each day or weekend.

You can either raid your old wool supply or if you have time you can take the kids shopping to pick out their own wool. There are so many colours to choose from and our little helpers really enjoyed seeing the whole process through from start to finish, including choosing their own wool for their individual pompoms.

Most of us have a few balls of wool at the bottom of a dresser somewhere so pompoms make a very cheap and easy to do activity that is great to keep children occupied for hours.

What you’ll need to make Pompoms:

• A variety of different coloured wool

• A pair of scissors

• Cardboard

• Sellotape


1. Cut two identical circles out of the card, you can use an old CD or DVD as a guide. In the centre of each piece cut a smaller hole, roughly 2”. Then using 2 small pieces of Sellotape stick the pieces of card together. You will need to repeat this process if you are making more than one.

2. Make a small bundle of wool around your fingers before cutting it off the ball of wool.

3. Tie the wool onto the card and begin to wrap it all around the ring of card. Do one layer of this colour until the card is covered.

Pompoms pic 1

4. Repeat the process with the other different colours of wool until the centre of the card is filled.

Pompoms 2

Pompoms 3

5. Now take your scissors and begin to cut around the edge of the circle. Make sure your scissors are in between each piece of card that you taped up previously. Cut all the way around until all the wool has been snipped.

pompoms 4

6. Take a piece of wool and place in between the two pieces of card now separating the wool. Wrap this piece of wool all the way around the card and tie it tightly.

7. Remove the cut card and discard. Ruffle the wool until it resembles a ball.

8. There you have a completed pompom!

Pompoms 5





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