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How to pass your driving test


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Learning to drive is perhaps one of the most important skills you’ll be taught as an adult. And when you’re a fully-fledged grown up the thought of sitting an exam, particularly a practical one, can be pretty nerve wracking.  If you’re one of the many people currently taking driving lessons read on for our tips on how to pass your driving test with flying colours.

Take your time

Yes, driving lessons are expensive but they are worth the money.  Many people make the mistake of aiming to pass their test within a set number of lessons but this isn’t always realistic.  Everyone is different and we all learn new things in our own time. The longer you spend learning to drive the more miles you’ll have under your belt and the more confident you’ll be as a driver.

Find an instructor you like

While driving instructors are regulated that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically click with them on a personal level. Don’t book a block of lessons with an instructor until you’ve been out driving a couple of times with them. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason then find another instructor. Dreading driving lessons or feeling like you can’t ask stupid questions will end up having a negative effect on your lessons.


If you have a relative or friend who is happy to take you out in the car between lessons and that you trust to be patient and calm then bite their arm off. The more often you drive the better you’ll become at it and it will start to come naturally. The law states that anyone accompanying a learner driver should be over the age of 21 and have held their licence for at least three years.

Vary your route

how to pass your driving testDriving tests often take place on set routes but it’s not necessarily a good idea to focus all your lessons and practise on those areas. Think of your lessons as a long-term investment; it’s unlikely that many of your journeys will take you past the test centre. Driving on unfamiliar roads is a great way to gain the confidence you’ll need once you pass your test and are setting off further afield.  It’s also good to practise on different types of road and in a variety of weather conditions.

Swot up

Learning to drive isn’t just about the practical stuff, there is also the theory test to get through. Set aside some quiet time each week to read your Highway Code and other books on the topic. As well as guiding you through your theory test, they will give you a better understanding of the rules of the road and help with the actual driving.

Keep calm!

Nerves can play a huge part in passing or failing a driving test. Think of your test as being just another driving lesson. Examiners have seen it all before and will understand if you’re nervous so be honest and they will try to put you at ease. Tell only a few people the date of your test so that you don’t have the added pressure of everyone calling or texting to see how you did. And remember that your instructor wouldn’t have put you forward for your test if they didn’t think you were ready.

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