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How to prepare your house for selling

How to prepare your house for selling

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When you decide to put your house on the market, it’s important that the property looks the part. Every little detail can help you sell it quicker and ensure that you get the right price. Before you instruct an agent, or even market the house yourself, work through our guide on how to prepare your house for selling and ensure it meets a buyer’s expectations.

Remove the personal elements

When your house is up for sale, it no longer becomes your home. You have to stand back from it and see it as an item being sold. Put away any personal items or family photos, as this stops potential buyers from fixating on them. Buyers need to be able to view the house with their family living there and this is hard to achieve if all your memories are on display.

Store away the clutter

Everyone wants their home to look its best when potential buyers come to view. In order to achieve this, you need to remove any unnecessary items and clutter, to give the house a feeling of space. Rooms that have too many pieces of furniture and personal effects in them can give a sense of being small and cluttered. Store away any books, toys and kitchen items that you don’t use regularly. If you don’t have enough space, you should consider hiring a storage facility. Don’t just store them in the loft or garage, as buyers might want to look in there and it could make them think the house doesn’t have enough storage.

Don’t forget the cupboards

Buyers like to have a nosey around when they’re at a viewing, as well as getting an idea of the storage potential of the property. Before you put the house on the market, you should clear out any cupboards and drawers and arrange them neatly. This will show viewers that you look after the house and give them a better overall impression of the property.

Take care of repairs

If there are any minor issues with the house it can put buyers off. Even the smallest of problems could make them think that there might be other underlying concerns and stop them putting in an offer. You need to show buyers that you take care of the property and that it has been well maintained. Look for any broken tiles, holes in the walls or leaks in the bathroom and kitchen and ensure these are fixed. If any areas are looking a bit tired, a fresh coat of paint will help. Replace any light bulbs that don’t work, so the house can be viewed at any time of the day.

How to prepare your house for selling

Give the house a good clean

Before the agent or potential buyers visit, the house should be thoroughly cleaned. This includes all areas of both the interior and exterior of the property, such as the windows, outside paintwork, bathrooms and fridge. Open the windows to make the house smell fresh and put out clean towels in the bathroom.

Remember the outside

The outside of your house is just, if not more, important than what’s inside. Buyers will often drive past a property first before deciding to view, so it could be the difference between making a sale or not. Take care of the garden by cutting the grass and removing any weeds. Paint any flaky sections and clear up the drive.

By spending a bit of time on your property before it is marketed, you could benefit from a much faster and smoother sale.




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