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How to revamp your kitchen on a budget


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How many times have you flicked through the Kitchen brochures and designed your perfect kitchen in your minds eye; then totted up the cost and realized it just isn’t possible? Well if you simply don’t have the budget for a complete refurb, there now follows some simple and cheap tips on how to revamp your kitchen on a budget that won’t break the bank.

Paint the furniture

Your units are the most visible components in the room and therefore the most effective transforming feature. Kitchen-adapted paints exist, that are resistant to stains and household products, and the great news is there are plenty of colours to choose from. So, you can go for anything from minimalist white to a striking rainbow of colour.

Handles and knobs

It may seem small but the mere change of a handle or knob can really cheer up your kitchen and if it’s teamed up with a paint job, it’s a new room. Look out for outlets (especially online) for accessories, where you go from classy and kitsch to contemporary and quirky, with everything in between. You can also find amazing custom-made accessories that can suit your decor, while fitting your budget.

Change the chairs

Not every kitchen has a dining area, but if you do, simply getting some new chairs can dramatically change the look of your space particularly when they’re empty. You can add colour, texture, a hint of contemporary design or even just a cosy, comfortable and inviting area for your guests.

Transforming taps

revamp your kitchenBelieve it or not, a good tap can really make a design statement. Although it’s fairly small and in the background, you can now get many different shapes, sizes and amazing colours. Go for a bold color (red or black), or an original form so that it attracts attention.

Paint the walls

If the thought of painting all the units is a little overwhelming, consider painting the part of the wall just above the work tops. That by itself can rework the overall look of your kitchen and compared to the much larger job of painting all the furniture, will be much quicker.

Then there was light

Backlit glass panels create a very effective lighting around your worktops and really make the space cosy.  Easy on the eye, this is a relatively small job that can really warm your kitchen up.


Whether it’s under the table or near the sink, a mat will instantly make your kitchen more welcoming. As ever a splash of colour will make the boldest statement, but equally more muted tones will help to customize your room.

Time’s a tickin’

Clocks, particularly large clocks are an incredibly quick means to cheering up a tired wall space. We recommend going for a nice big industrial-style clock to really make your mark.

It’s all in the bin

And to finish, it may sound rubbish (*laughs*) but your bin is a vital part of your kitchen decor. Often we find our dustbins ugly, so try to hide or disguise them, but now is the time to liberate your trash can; try going for a colorful and striking shape to showcase the container.



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