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June Gardening Tips

June watering garden

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June should see the arrival of the warmer weather, although we are happy to see the arrival of the sun it brings more weeds too, make sure you keep on top of them so you don’t have a huge overwhelming task on your hands. June gardening is much nicer than earlier on, the sun should be shining and the frost will be gone! Meaning you can plant some really pretty flowers without the worry of losing them in the cold weather.

June gardening is hard work

Deadheading is a requirement around this time, get the kids involved with doing this, it can be fun! The process of deadheading tells the plant to produce more flowers instead of seed so you can be sure of more beautiful flowers to replace the old dead ones. It’s really easy to do and I find it really therapeutic, if you have a lot of dead heading to do assign a family member to area and ask them to complete their bit. You really can’t go too wrong with this.

Weeding is a task that most of us dread, but there are so many tools you can buy for weeding now that really help. Try not to weed during the hottest part of the day, this is for your own good, weeding is hard work! If you have a large area such as a driveway that needs weeding you may want to consider using weed killer, make sure you read the instructions carefully and don’t use it if rain is on its way as it will just wash it away. Don’t use weedkiller where it’s likely that children or pets will be as it is dangerous.

May gardening

Now the weather should typically be hot and dry, so make sure water your garden plants weekly if there hasn’t been much rain. Unfortunately pots and hanging baskets will need watering daily, set a reminder on your phone if you are forgetful like me! Don’t water your plants until the evening when the sun has gone, it’s not good for the plants to be watered in hot sun. It’s good to use a hose, I usually find the children enjoy using a hose more than a watering can that needs re-filling every 2 minutes. Just beware you will probably encourage a water fight or two- and why not?!



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