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Keep bored children entertained

Dressing up

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When the weather is unsettled kids tend to run havoc with boredom throughout the house. Here are some ideas to keep bored children occupied and you stress free.

(1) Fashion show – All little girls love to dress up and experiment with their mothers make-up, so host a special fashion show. Get the paper, pens and scissors out and allow the children to create their own fashion designs. Why not let them borrow your shoes (safe ones of course!) and dress up in their favourite outfit before walking the catwalk.

(2) Food glorious food – Get creative in the kitchen, one of our favourites is pizza baguettes. They are simple to make, all you need is some pre-baked baguettes, tomato puree, grated cheddar and your children’s favourite toppings (like ham, pineapple etc). Place the baguettes into a hot oven for 5-10 minutes, remove and halve. Place the tomato puree and toppings on before popping them back into the oven for 5 minutes then serve.

(3) Board games or puzzles? – Digging out your favourite games will keep them entertained.

Playing board games

(4) Movie magic – Allow your children to pick their favourite film and watch it with them, close the blinds and make some popcorn to make it feel like you’re at the cinema.

(5) Floating object – Fill a washing up bowl with warm water and see which items sink or float. Make a chart and tick off which ones do float or sink. (eg empty butter tubs, apples)

(6) Art Attack – Get the paints and paper out. In separate beakers place different coloured paints in, then top up with a little water. Take a straw and blow into the paint, (making sure not to suck) until it bubbles out the top of the beaker. Quickly place your paper on top of the bubbles and count to 20, remove the paper and you have a beautiful pattern on your paper. Repeat with various colours to create a wonderful piece of art.

(7) Box of fun – Grab empty cardboard boxes and cut various shaped holes in them, decorate with glitter, pens and stickers.

cardboard craft box

(8) Retro games – Take the time to make retro games on paper like hangman and noughts and crosses. Use your imagination and make the noughts and crosses out of card and tin foil to save on paper costs.

(9) Tidy up – No child likes to clean up their messy room that’s for sure, but make it into an exciting competition and you can kill two birds with one stone, you get them to tidy up and they don’t even realise. Set a challenge like ‘see who can tidy the toys into the chest the quickest’, you can then reward them with a treat!




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