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Latest 2018 Beauty Trend – Bubble Charcoal Face Mask

Latest 2018 Beauty Trend - Bubble Charcoal Face Mask

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There’s nothing I love more than a new and fabulous beauty trend and the latest is the bubble charcoal face mask. Now we can look forward to an explosion of great skin.

I had to give this a go and tell you all about it. The face mask I used was the bubble and charcoal face mask by Skin Republic usually priced around £5.49, which isn’t bad considering the benefits. But you can find offers for the face mask now and again, so keep an eye out.

What is a bubble charcoal face mask

Purifying bubble charcoal face mask is made up of a sheet of activated charcoal. Much like the usual charcoal mask in appearance but with tiny bubble all over the surface.

When exposed to air the oxygenating mask begins to bubble up and foam diving deep into the skin’s pores eliminating impurities. Fruit Acids exfoliate dead skin cells for a bright, fresh and luminous complexion.

Latest 2018 Beauty Trend - Bubble Charcoal Face Mask

What are the benefits of the bubble charcoal face mask

 The Oxygenating facial cleans pores and the Fruit Acids exfoliate and brighten for a youthful appearance.

Benefits include:

  • Refines pores and detoxifies
  • Oxygenating facial effect cleans pores
  • Fruit Acids exfoliate and brighten for a youthful appearance
  • Refines pores and detoxifies
  • Leaves skin feeling clean and smooth

Tips & advice for using the bubble charcoal face mask

As the skin has a 4-week regeneration period the mask is most effective when used twice a week for the first month and then as required. Apply just before bed for best results, this way our skins rejuvenation is boosted.

 My thoughts on the new bubble charcoal face mask

Firstly, it’s very easy to use and not messy like mud masks. As per the instructions you do just rub the packet, open it and pop it on your face. The bubbles start to foam and expand within moments. They don’t go too big, you just have a foamy layer over your face. I also found it didn’t dip off my face.

After 20 minutes I lifted the mask from my face, again very easy and not messy. It also doesn’t dry out or stick to your face so you don’t have to rub your skin to remove excess product.

You just blot away any bubbles left on your face. I didn’t put any moisturiser or face products on my face after. Since I was going to bed anyway, I wanted my skin to breathe. But if you prefer to have moisturiser on then I’d suggested something very light.

My skin felt clean, soft and revitalised immediately after removing the mask. Upon waking up in the morning my skin still felt great. It felt like my skin had a gentle but deep cleanse.

Something I will definitely be using on a weekly basis.




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