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Looking after your hair in winter

healthy hair in winter

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Keeping your hair looking great in winter

Extremes of temperature from the freezing outdoors to a centrally heated home or office means winter can be harsh on our hair.  But that doesn’t mean we all have to go around looking like Worzel Gummidge between November and February.  Follow these tips and tricks for looking after your hair in winter and you will be ditching the woolly hat to show off your luscious locks.

Get a good haircut

Having your hair cut at the beginning of winter not only means your hair will look fabulous, it’ll also help you keep it healthy.  Have your stylist chop off all split ends, even if it means going shorter than you’d like.  It’s much easier to maintain healthy hair than it is to repair damage.  On average, hair grows half and inch every four weeks.  It’s recommended that short and medium hair should be trimmed every 6-8 weeks and long hair every 8-12 weeks to keep it in shape and minimise breakage.

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Don’t wash every day

Washing your hair every day can contribute to dryness, stripping oil from the scalp.  Use a mild shampoo every other day and don’t forget to condition afterwards and finish with a cool rinse to lock the cuticles.  Don’t over-rinse your air as this will cancel out any benefit your hair will get from the conditioner.  If necessary, use a dry shampoo on the in between days to keep bounce.

Leave in conditioner

Central heating can cause your hair to become dry, so use a leave in conditioner or hot oil treatment to help keep it hydrated.  Once a week use a deep conditioner to repair the effects of winter.  Look for one that moisturises and replenishes and try to add some humidity to your home to reap the full benefit.

You can leave your hat on

Hats are essential for warmth in the coldest weather but they can cause havoc on perfectly styled locks.  Try using a volumising spray when styling and carry it with you for when you take off your hat.  The protection offered by hats can be undone when restyling so take care when brushing out the effects of hat hair.

Try not to use too much heat

It’s best to let your hair dry naturally during the colder months but if you must use a hair dryer then make sure it’s on its coolest setting.  Apply a good quality heat defence product before drying and point the nozzle parallel to the hair to smooth the cuticles and keep your hair looking shiny.  Don’t leave the house with wet or damp hair as it could freeze, causing breakage and avoid towel drying too vigorously; pat or squeeze instead of rubbing.

Style wisely

How you wear your hair can help guard it from the elements.  Styles like buns or French rolls will help keep your hair protected and don’t involve the use of hot straightening irons or curling tongs.


Just like every other part of the body, hair relies on what we eat to stay healthy.  A balanced diet will work wonders for your tresses and foods rich in zinc, which can be found in pork, fish and pumpkin seeds, and vitamin A, found in apples and bananas, are great for keeping your hair looking healthy. Try Holland an Barrett for the latest offers for keeping healthy at Christmas.




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