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Looking fabulous on a budget

looking fabulous on a budget

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Looking good helps boost your body confidence and general positivity. Money may be tight for most of us, but being strapped for cash does not mean you have to let yourself go. Keeping up appearances for yourself, to make YOU feel good, is perfectly possible on a budget. Here’s how.

Take a Charitable Approach

Hands up who takes unwanted-but-perfectly-good-clobber to the charity shops? Me! Me! Well, other people do too and there are bargains galore to be found there. There is still a stigma attached to buying clothes in charity shops, but it’s not just for students, old folk, the homeless, or those on benefits. Think of it like swapping clothes with a friend. True, some of the items may be a little, erm, dated, but there are also on-trend items to be found too, especially in more affluent areas. The charity benefits, you get a new outfit – this is the ultimate win-win scenario.

High Street Budget Busters

We all need the wardrobe basics and the budget high street stores like Primark are the ideal place to snap these up. Sure, they won’t wash as well or last as long as an item from the likes of Next, but they look okay and the money you save can be put towards a classy signature garment that will demand all the attention of anyone who cares to look anyway.

Time it Right

It can sometimes feel like stores always have sales on, but there are specific periods each year when their prices really do hit rock bottom. If you can time your clothes shopping to tie-in with these sales then you’re onto a winner. Some of the best annual bargains are found in the January sales and the pre-summer price-slasher periods.

looking fabulous on a budget

Supermarket Savvy

Smart parents have been supplementing their kids’ wardrobes with clothes from the supermarket for years. The ranges on offer at all the major stores are attractively priced and look good. What’s not to like? What many parents don’t realise is that the adult clothes on offer in the supermarkets can be great value too. The range of choice may be a little limited, especially in smaller stores, but there are some lovely items to be found if you take the time to look, with lovely prices to match.

eBay and the Like

Charity shops are one way people dispose of unwanted clothes – eBay is another. There are rafts of perfectly good second hand items for sale online. The downside maybe that you can’t try them on and have to rely heavily on photos and sizes to choose an item that fits well and suits you, but the prices more than make up for this. The risk becomes more acceptable when you’re only parting with a few pounds for a potentially stunning item.

Swish with the Best

Swishing is (apparently!) the new name for clothes swapping between friends. If your cohort of mates have similar styles and sizes to yours then this can be a great way to refresh your wardrobe from the comfort of your own home and have a fun night in to boot.



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