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Looking good no matter what your age or size

Looking good no matter what your age or size

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We are all our own worst critics when it comes to body image and fashion, and can all do with a little boost every now and again. Thankfully the web is full of helpful advice from those-in-the-know so we’ve compiled a list of top tips and advice to help you feel good no matter how old you are, or what your body shape is.

1. Get to know your body and learn to love it. A lot of looking good is about how you feel, confidence can only come from within. Become comfortable with looking at yourself, you’ll feel less bothered when others cast an eye over your appearance

2. Don’t stress the age thing. There are no real rules in fashion or style. Just because designers and retailers stock their racks with certain types of clothes for different ages each season, it doesn’t mean you have to wear them. If you’re in your 40’s and want to wear a mini-skirt then go ahead

Looking good no matter what your age or size3. Don’t be a slave to fashion trends. Trouser-suits will never be a good look for me, personally. I embrace this truth and seek alternatives that make me feel comfortable and good, whatever the hot style of the moment. If you can’t bear to embrace animal print leggings then don’t. No true friend will think less of you for it. I wish I had known this in my teens when I sprayed on jeans so tight they had to be cut off, and paired them with odd fluorescent towelling socks …

4. Embrace some wardrobe basics. On days when you’re not feeling great it’s good to be able to dip into your wardrobe and pull out a few tried and tested garments that you know always leave you feeling good. A little black dress, a low-key pair of smart trousers you know fit well, a good pair of jeans, a favourite t-shirt, a trusty smart jacket, and a smart white shirt. With this combination you’ll be able to reach for an outfit for any occasion with confidence

5. Dress for yourself. Don’t allow trends, age or shape to define what you should and shouldn’t be wearing. Work from home forums tell me I should dress up each day to get me in the working zone. I’m currently slumped over my desk in an old t-shirt and pair of garish pink trousers, designed for female climbers (which I love) and I’m being perfectly productive thanks very much. I know I’m lucky that I don’t have to wear a work ‘uniform’, but even if you do have to you can do it in your own unique way, with accessories and garments you love to wear, and that help you reclaim your individuality

6. No one is perfect. Everyone has bits of their body they don’t like. Even celebs. In fact, they more than anyone probably struggle with their body image. Celebrate your imperfections. Love them. And in doing so learn to love yourself for who you are, not what you or anyone else thinks you ought to look like.



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