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Make a garden journal

increase the value of your home child with garden journal

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There is nothing like keeping the children entertained while getting their creative juices flowing at the same time. Making a garden journal is fun and interactive for all involved, you may find that you can make this activity last a number of weeks rather than a few minutes!

How to make a garden journal

Purchase one scrapbook for each child, these can be picked up for roughly £1 in most stationary shops or supermarkets. Now the fun bit is to decorate them. A good idea is to use wrapping paper, then allow the children to add anything garden related to the front like pictures of flowers or wildlife from magazines. Then add the child’s name to the front of each scrapbook, or journal so you know which one belongs to whom. They are then ready to fill the journal with anything that takes the children’s fancy.

Here are a few ideas:

(1) Gardening magazines – a great start would be to cut up pictures and articles from old gardening magazines.

(2) Crayons – get creative with crayons and draw as many fascinating items as they want.

(3) Seeds – empty seed packets are perfect for sticking in the journal along with a few unused seeds.

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(4) Leaves and Flower heads – Stick some flowers and leaves in the journal to really add to the theme.

(5) Photography – Let the children take some photos of items in the garden.

(6) Bark rubbings – Use various coloured crayons to take rubbings from trees.

(7) Animal instincts – draw, photograph of paint the animals or insects that visit your garden.

Repeat this for each of the seasons throughout the year and this will show the various changes your garden goes through.




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