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Make a rainy day box

Rainy day box

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When the weather outside is raining cats and dogs and everyone is suddenly stuck indoors, it’s hard to know what to do to keep everyone happy. The rainy day box is a great way of storing crafty pieces and keeping the children occupied at the same time.

cardboard craft box

It all starts with a large box, it needs to be large enough to store various items in, remember to restock when the weather picks up though or the next rainy day may not be as much fun!

What can you add to the box?

(1) Pencils, crayons, felts and paper

(2) Colouring and activity books

(3) Ribbon, glitter, pipe cleaners and stickers

(4) Your old clothes for role play plus any old make-up

(5) Jigsaws

(6) Newspapers and magazines for papier mache

(7) Balloons and bunting

(8) Cards

(9) Board games and puzzles

(10) Old socks for puppet making

Arts and crafts

To make the rainy day box special you could decorate it with items like wallpaper, wrapping paper or even dried flowers – let your imagination run away with you!

Every time the heavens open and dampen your grass, it doesn’t need to dampen your children’s day. Well, it may help you fill a couple of hours before the boredom kicks in anyway…..




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