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How to make homemade beauty products


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Making your own beauty products is cheap, easy and much better for your skin. So many off the shelf products have limited benefits. They smell great and moisturise but only for a few hours.

When you make your own natural products the effects are much more long lasting. The more you keep up your regime the more you’ll glow.

I have a few of my favourite and easy recipies for you to try out. In terms of ingredients you can be flexible to a point. You can substitute extra virgin olive oil for normal olive oil but don’t substitute it for say vegetable oil.

If you have dry skin

If like me you have dry skin, then this is going to be a game changer for you, I PROMISE! The things that help boost moisture are fats and vitamin E here.

Avocado My Face Mask



●       Half an avocado

●       Honey (Tsp)

●       Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Tsp)




●       Mash up half an avocado in a bowl or any container you can find.

●       Add a teaspoon of honey and extra virgin olive oil and mix together.

●       Do this for about 30 seconds till it’s guey and looks like slime – NICE




To a make up free and clean face. apply it to your beautiful, soon to be super moisturised face and leave for up to 30 minutes.

The reason I suggest mixing the ingredients so well, is to ensure it’s smooth. I’ve tried and tested this many times. When you have some chunks of avocado they can fall off your face. No one wants green splodges on themselves or around them and I don’t find avocado the easiest to wash off white clothes.

You can leave on for 5 minutes and still feel a difference so if you’re rushed for time, don’t worry. I do find that when you leave it on for over 30 minutes, it begins to really harden to your face. Then you have to soften the mask and kinda scrub if off your skin, which isn’t the greatest.

When removing your face mask, I like using a warm flannel. The warmth helps lift the avocado and the flannel helps remove it quickly and cleanly. Dark colours are better here.

I love the feeling of my skin after this mask so I like to leave my skin to breath for a few hours, so long as I’m not going anywhere soon. Your skin will feel like silk and look a bit more plump from the moisture. When I do moisturise my face, I use something simple like cocoa butter or coconut oil.

For deep exfoliation 

Scrub Me Face and Body Sugar

This is quite a strong scrub, I would use it 2 -3 times a week. Everyday would just be too much for your skin and it may become sensitive over time.



●       Brown Sugar (Tbsp)

●       Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Tbsp)

●       Honey (Tbsp)







●       Add together in a bowl or container and mix.

This is the easiest beauty product to ever make, in the history of the universe. The basic principle is to mix an equal measure of each ingredient. I would made up a small container (with a lid) at a time and leave it in the bathroom.

My favourite part about this scrub is that it’s great for the environment too. Unlike off the shelf face and body scrubs, there are no artificial microbeads. The problem being, microbeads don’t actually dissolve and end up in our rivers and seas and are really affecting our marine wildlife. So much so a ban will be coming into place over these products in the near future. hon

Plus, sugar is a bit more resilient compared to salt so you can really get your scrub on before it dissolves.

To banish blemishes and oily skin

 Lemon and Egg Skin Mask

This mask is a powerful all rounder. Helping to banish blemishes, uneven skin tone, spots, acne, oily skin, minimising pores and works as a deep cleanser.

I must admit, it’s my least favourite to make. But it is one of the most effective face masks I have ever used. Another plus is that you only need two ingredients, lemon and egg.



●       One egg

●       Half a lemon







●       Separate the egg white and yolk.

●       Whisk egg white thoroughly until its stiff

●       juice from half a lemon

●       Whisk together for at least 5 minutes

Here’s a big tip for you, when making this mask. Add your lemon juice bit by bit. Naturally lemons vary in size and the more juice you add the runnier your mask. I’ve made the mistake of adding too much lemon juice and then when I applied my mask it just drips off my face – LOVELY!


Keep the consistency stiff, using a whisk definitely helps with this process. If you try to use a fort it’s going to take a long time. I tried this once, then gave up.

Once you have your mask prepared it’s time to apply it. I just use my fingers for ease. Apply to your entire face and then kick back for 30 minutes. You can use this mask on your neck and chest too.

Surprisingly, this face mask doesn’t smell eggy, you’ll probably smell more lemon.


When you come to removing your mask, using a warm flannel is the best way. You’ll then be left with incredibly smooth and clear skin. Again I like to let my skin breath for a while before applying moisturiser.


I hope you enjoy these homemade beauty products as much as I do and hello beautiful homemade skin.








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