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Make the most of time off

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Don’t waste your precious time off

‘Time is precious and there’s precious little of it,’ as the saying goes, and yet it seems to speed up even further at the weekends or on days off.Just when we want to make the most of family and leisure time is when time flies the most. Yet there are 60 hours between the average Friday clocking off time and the dreaded Monday moaning – the key is to make the most of time off. You want to feel refreshed and fulfilled after the weekend, as well as being reminded of just why you go to work the rest of the time.

Things to do with your day’s off

So with that in mind, here are some tips for making the most of your days off.

  • Get a few things penciled on the agenda – even if you think you want to sit around doing nothing, this may leave you feeling bored and as if the time was wasted. Indeed anticipating something you have planned for the weekend is part of the fun and will help make the working week a little less painful. However, just because you’ve got a plan doesn’t mean you need to pack out every minute. Just get a couple of events planned in to give the weekend some structure. Too much activity will probably have the opposite effect and leave you feeling worn out and not at all relaxed.
  • It can be difficult to know what to do at the weekend, so why not spend some time – assuming you have it – doing research and making a list of fun and different things to do within a set radius of your house. You can call upon the list whenever the diary is clear or you’re stuck for something to do. It could be hiking, camping, visiting a castle, taking a canal boat ride or any number of things that take your fancy.
  • Exercise. As well as the health benefits, exercise is also credited with raising the Endorphins and improving our mood so it’s a great thing to fit into the schedule. You could combine it with family time by going for a bike ride or a game of rounders in the park.
  • Don’t do too much housework. It’s all too easy to feel like you have to spend the weekend dashing round the house catching up on all the chores you didn’t have time to do in the week. Instead of spending the whole of Saturday cleaning, why not try to break the chores down into daily tasks to complete after work, and get the family involved in a cleaning rota if possible. There’s nothing less fulfilling that spending all weekend chained to the washing machine.
  • Make time for downtime. Some of us find it harder than we realise to actually just sit and relax without sending emails or pottering round the house on some errand or another. Why not plan to watch a movie with the family or sit and read a book?

The chances are that if you feel you’ve had a fulfilling, relaxing and meaningful weekend you will be all the more ready to face the Sunday night blues when they come calling.





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