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Make-Up Swapping

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In these economically challenging times any innovation that helps us to save cash and enjoy ourselves at the same time has to be good thing. Recycling is not a new concept, but penny-conscious women are increasingly taking it into new realms, offering clothes, bags and even shoes up for swap, as a way of re-stocking their wardrobes at a greatly reduced cost.

Ever alert, the online community has leapt into action and new sites have been springing up all over the web offering swap services, usually for only a very reasonable small fee. Whether make-up can or should take part in this new craze for swapping is up for debate. The key is whether we are talking about new or used products.

Online Make-up Swap with Second-hand Products

The idea of using a lip-gloss or mascara that has touched someone else’s face sounds a bit gross. After all, how do you know the seller does not suffer from cold sores, or has a contagious eye infection that even they may not be aware of? Surely those tester items in the store are there for this very reason.

Sites offering make-up swaps like this declare they are operating in the market for those items that we all purchase from time to time that then languish unused or barely touched in the bottom of our make-up bags. The unconvinced will be relieved to find that there are other types of safer make-up swapping that you can indulge in.

Online Make-up Swap with NEW Products

Much more appealing! The way this works is for you to make contact with a fellow make-up fan, often in another country. You each then exchange a few details about your personal appearance, skin and colour preferences, and agree a budget. Then you go and shop, on behalf of your partner. Each of you selects a product or two as agreed to send to the other by post. It is a great way to make new friends online, and experiment with products that may not be readily available in your country.

Swap Parties with Friends

You have probably already used some of the items in your friends’ make-up bags. These are girls you know and trust, so swapping between yourselves can be a great way to perk-up your make-up collection without busting the bank. Arrange an evening together where you can hook-up for a girl’s night in and try out each other’s stuff without being under pressure to get ready for a night out. Just be sure to have plenty of cleanser on hand so you can try out as many different products as possible!

Whatever type of swap you decide is right for you, this money-saving idea is a great way to replenish stocks in your collection. With money often tight there can be little room for indulgences, and you may be tempted to stay safe in your make-up choices as a result. Swapping can add new flashes of inspiration that a limited budget may have prevented you from trying, and revolutionise your look.

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