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Make your room cosy for Winter

Make your room cosy for Winter

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The days are getting shorter and the nights longer, so what better time to give rooms a bit of a revamp? Traditionally winter is the season when we spend most time in our homes, not to mention welcoming guests over the festive period, and as the autumn evenings draw in it’s lovely to come home to a cosy room where you can snuggle up and put a hard day at work behind you.

Don’t panic though – we’re not expecting you to redecorate your whole house in tune with the seasons as they come and go. A few well-placed accessories and finishing touches are all you need to create a warm, cosy atmosphere. And in the spring they can be boxed up and put in the loft ready for next year!

Warm it up

With fuel prices rising and fossil fuels depleting, many people are looking towards log burners as their source of heat. Once limited in design only to suit more traditional homes, log burners are now available in a variety of styles to complement all types of home. Not only are they cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly than central heating, they can instantly create a warm, cosy atmosphere. It’s also worth keeping your blinds and curtains open during the day so that any sunlight we are lucky enough to get can stream in and heat your home for you.

Cut out draughts

However you choose to heat your home, you don’t want all that warmth disappearing as soon as it is generated. Lined curtains help keep the heat in and changing your curtains with the seasons is a relatively inexpensive way to mark the transition from summer to autumn. Rearrange your furniture so that you’re sitting against interior walls where possible. Exterior walls tend to feel colder and it’s often the case that draughts can find their way in.


Make your room cosy for WinterJust as they make the room feel airy and light during the summer months, neutral tones can be an excellent choice for the winter. Used as a backdrop they can make fairy lights and other festive decorations really pop and they look great with autumnal oranges as well as the darker red and plum hues you may turn towards as the weather turns colder. Adding some warm-coloured touches to a room in the form of cushions, curtains or rugs can evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, which are perfect for snuggling up into during the winter.


Whether you prefer cashmere, faux fur, wool or general fluffiness, including a range of textures in your soft furnishings will give a room extra depth and make it seem more cosy. Throws, blankets and cushions have the added bonus of providing an extra layer to pull over yourself as you settle on the couch to watch Strictly.


Feelings of warmth are gathered through all our senses, including smell. Replace summer breeze style air fresheners with ones fragrances with spices, fir or ginger. Alternatively you could use scented candles to create a cosy ambience or, even better, get baking gingerbread and cookies or throw a stew into the slow cooker.



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