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Making time for the gym

time for the gym

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Making time for the gym

Of course, you already know that you really should be getting some exercise, if you are going to keep fit and also keep up with the demands of your life. So why are you not making time for the gym?  So, is it actually feasible to maintain a routine of visits to the gym, when you are already juggling family and work commitments? If you are really determined to do it, these tips may help.

Take the kids along

The most obvious trick is to take the children with you. Many gyms have now cottoned on to the fact that exercise is completely off the agenda for some parents, and there is a growing trend towards solving that problem. For them, it makes good business sense, so if your local gym doesn’t already offer this facility, it might be worth suggesting that they consider the potential benefits. If you do locate a possible crèche, make sure that you meet the staff so as to be sure that you are happy to leave your child with them. Also, ensure that the staff are all CRB checked and that they are going to keep your child amused and stimulated during their session, so that you can relax and concentrate on your exercise.

Gym discipline

So, you’ve sorted out where the kids are going to go while you exercise, now it’s just a question of actually getting there. It’s well known amongst runners that the most difficult part of going for a run is getting out of the front door.time for gym You are busy, of course, but are you also struggling to motivate yourself and do you keep finding excuses to avoid the gym?  Try sitting down at the start of each week to schedule the times when you are going to visit the gym, making sure that you think through the practicalities involved in getting there too. For example, if you are going in the evening, who is going to cook the dinner that night, and how is the kids’ homework going to be supervised? Thinking in advance about all the obstacles that might crop up and stop you from going should help you to get there more often.

Another tip is to look out for a gym with 24-hour access, so that it’s easier to find a time that you can manage. OK, maybe you are not going to want to work out at 3 a.m., but could you manage an hour before work every now and again? Or what about delaying that first glass of wine to fit in a session on a Saturday evening?

Mix and match your exercise

Even taking all the above into account, your gym routine is never going to look like it did before you had children. It might help to mix the gym with other activities that are not so time intensive. Running, for example, has numerous benefits and you can go straight from your front door and achieve a 3 mile run plus your shower in less than an hour. The same goes for power-walking and even a brisk walk. Sit-ups and crunches can be done at home. So if you really can’t make it to the gym, don’t make that an excuse to collapse on the couch with a large bar of chocolate, look at what you can do instead that will give you some of the same benefits and will help your next gym workout too.



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