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May Gardening Tips

dandelion weeding in May

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We’re in May now, but when thinking about gardening remember….

Beware of late frosts, keep an eye of how low the temperature is falling during the night even though we usually are not likely to have a frost in May, anything is possible! Be sure to keep vulnerable plants and new shoots protected at night if there is going to be a frost just in case!

Don’t let dandelions become a nuisance in your garden; they can rapidly spread ruining the look of your lush green grass. If you don’t have the time to eradicate them just chop their heads off. My top tip is to use a spray bottle and pour in white wine vinegar, spray directly onto the weed to kill it.

May gardening

Keep up with the removal of moss and weeds. Moss can make surfaces slippery so be sure to remove from patio areas and steps. Weeds grow very quickly in the warmer weather, if you remove them as you see them then it’s so much easier to stop them from spreading and becoming a huge amount of work. Don’t forget to top up on the pet-friendly slug pellets too!




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