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Money saving tips for new parents

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Having children is expensive and obviously they more you have the more you are paying out on a regular basis. Becoming a new parent can be a shock to the system financially, you might have to wave goodbye to many of the luxuries you once afforded yourself! Your pay may dip (depending on your maternity package and/or plans to return to work) and there are so many things to buy, the list seems endless, here are some money saving tips for new parents to help you on your way.

Buy high street and neutralise the wardrobe where possible

We can feel like getting a bit carried away when we have a child, indulging in a pretty designer dress or a must have gorgeous shirt for the boys. You can end up paying a high price for something they barely wear before they have grown out of it, leaving you with an almost brand new item of clothing that you will either give away or sell for a fraction of its original cost.

Seriously, babies grown so quickly and don’t get the wear out of items; don’t pay a lot for their clothing. There are many bargain buys to be had from the high street or supermarket chains. Also try to buy neutral clothing especially up to their first birthday you will be able to pass these down if you decide to have another (whatever the sex). If it concerns you that no one will know your baby’s gender, you can always jazz things up with pretty baby head band for the little girls or blue socks and hats for the little lads – leaving little doubt as to whether they are an Elliot or an Ellie!

Buy in bulk

Quite often, there are buy two get one free offers on nappies. If possible get them! Nappies are expensive and if you can pick up a few packs for free along the way it’s all cash in your favour. Also bulk buy other baby items like foods and formula milk, again they are quite expensive and picking them up when they’re on offer, will help the family budget. It’s worth the struggle home from the supermarket!

You don’t have to always buy baby products – share your own

You can get many adult body washes and shampoos on the market now that are very gentle on the skin and free of irritants and you can share these! This practice is often cheaper than buying specific baby branded products.

Get a conversion!

money saving tips for new parentsAnything that can start off for the baby and see them through toddler stages is a great cost saving strategy. A pram that turns into a pushchair, cots that turn into toddler beds are an investment – it saves you buying two things. They might be a little more expensive at the outset but a longer term saving.

Remember the time frame

You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive Moses basket or the highest spec high chair. Babies are not in these items long (especially a Moses basket). You don’t have to buy things that would survive the impact of a nuclear war, yes you need something that’s fit for purpose, but there are many lower budget practical options.

These are just a few tips for trying to make sure you can make the ends meet. Yes we all want to spoil our children and it doesn’t hurt once in a while but if by and large you keep in mind how long something is going to be needed for and work around that you shouldn’t go far wrong!







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