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More Cleaning Tips!

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Just when you thought it was all done and dusted … the cleaning saga never really ends, so here are some more top cleaning tips to help you continue to save time and money on those pesky household chores!

Time Saving Cleaning Tips …

1. Be organised – having cleaning products to hand is one thing, but being able to transport everything you need easily is a tip often overlooked. Invest in an easy-to-carry basket or box that you can pack all your cleaning materials into. This will not only keep them tidy, but save you making repeat visits to the cupboard for something you forgot to pick up.

2. Work from Top to Bottom – gravity works on dust just like anything else, so avoid having to revisit areas you’ve already cleaned, by starting at the top. Any dislodged muck with fall onto places you have yet to clean.

3. Work together – if you have the chance to clean as a team then do. One can remove items from shelves and shift furniture – the other cleans the exposed spaces and then moves onto other tasks whilst number one replaces the items. This works because it speeds things up, and also because you are more likely to remain motivated if you are sharing the cleaning burden.


4. Prevention is better than cure – for ovens and microwaves, lining the base can catch and contain any food deposits. You then simply wrap up, bin and replace the lining instead of having to mess around with time-consuming cleaning chemicals.

5. Don’t delay – tiresome as it may seem at the time, a few minutes spent daily wiping down glass shower doors and tiled walls with a squeegee will slow down the build up of soap scum and limescale, and prolong the time required between each deeper clean.

Budget Busting Tips …

1. Refill expensive dispensers – small bottles of hand-washing soap may look cute but they are not cheap. Once emptied, recycle the bottle by refilling with a supermarket own-brand bath soap or similar. The cleaning action should be just as good and the cost of the refill will be a fraction of a new bottle.

2. Decommission your descaler – limescale build-up in your kettle can be effectively treated with a proprietary descaling product, but you can avoid this expense. Buy a bottle of cheap white vinegar, add about 6 tablespoons to the kettle and fill with water up to the scale line. Then boil and leave to stand overnight. Rinse, and then your gleaming kettle is ready for action once more!

3. Recycle old clothes – instead of buying expensive dusters and cleaning cloths, try cutting up old sweatshirts and t-shirts and using this cloth as a substitute.

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4. Buy in bulk – if you are able to find, afford and store catering-sized cleaning fluids such as washing-up liquid and bleach, this can save you a lot of money. Keep a usable-sized container from a previous purchase in your kitchen and simply refill it when you need to.

5. Cut and save money– experiment with cutting dishwasher tablets in two – in many cases half a tablet will deliver the same cleaning results as a full one, and you benefit from a buy-one-get-one-free scenario.




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