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Myths that surround facebook

teachers should not be friends with students on Facebook

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I often wonder how we ever managed without Facebook, it’s almost like we can’t remember a life without it. Whilst we all seem a little addicted to dabbling in and out of other people’s lives and are happy to click on to the site on a regular basis, we are often taunted by the myths that surround Facebook. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Facebook Is Closing Down

Shock, horror – we are probably sent rigid to the core with this one. How will we cope not knowing a vague acquaintance of ours has burnt their toast this morning, our second cousin once removed has got a new pair of shoes and they pinch at the toes? Fear not – there is no evidence to support to closure, and with the recent floatation to the stock market it is even more unlikely than ever. Look at it realistically, even if it did threaten to really close, it would always prove a lucrative opportunity for someone to take on, so we can rest safe it will be around for a while yet.

People Know You Have Been Looking At Their Profile

OMG – will the ex from five years ago know you have looked at his wedding pics to that floozy he left you for?! Keep clam – this is also untrue, we can look at other people’s pages secure in the knowledge that no one knows we are snooping, but the double edge jeopardy to this is that people can look at ours – hence make sure there are adequate privacy settings so that people can only see what we want them to see.

Facebook Is Private

In contrast to the one above some people quite worryingly believe Facebook is private and hence don’t consider the use of their privacy settings. This is often the case with people using Facebook for the first time. Many people get caught out talking about someone not realizing it’s out there in the public domain and the backlash can be catastrophic, especially if there is  a breach of confidentiality about work or anger vented about a boss! You could roll into work one Monday morning to be greeted by your P45! Get the settings right!

Facebook Is Free

facebook mythsFor general users, it is true we don’t have to pay a subscription to join or a fee to use it. But is there such a thing as a free lunch? – Not on your nelly! Just like when we enter free competitions information about us is attained. Each time we use social networking sites, we unwittingly open up a lot of information about ourselves. This enables organisations to understand how we tick, and become a target for advertisers which drives profits for Facebook. We are the carrot for the donkey.

Using Facebook Is A Waste Of Time

Another myth that does the rounds is that Facebook is a waste of time. Yes everyone posts things that on reflection may have been best not shared, but it has a great use too.  It keeps friends in one place, accessible when you want them, at arm’s length when you don’t. People have regained contact with each other that may have ordinarily been lost forever. It’s great for shortening the distance between people who have friends and loved ones that live afar or abroad. Now that is not a waste of time is it?

If We Post Your Party You Will Get 10,000 Guests

We hear sensational stories of people posting invites for their party on their Facebook page to be faced with 10,000 guests trying to gain access to their two up two down. Doubt there will be enough cheese straws to go round! Whilst it would be prudent to pay attention to detail with invites, we would be pretty unlucky for it to go viral and find ourselves dealing with masses of the population at our door demanding vodka and red bull with their party sausages.

These are just a few myths that surround Facebook. No doubt in time these will fizzle and more will surface. Facebook is a great concept if used properly, but you have to bear in mind what you want from Facebook and what you are prepared to give away. You should always take care with what you post.





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About Shani Fowler

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