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Organic restaurants and cafes

organic restaurants and cafes

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Discover the UKs Best Organic Restaurants and Cafes

Organic produce has revealed itself to be more than a passing fad and has in fact increased in popularity over the past few decades. Supermarkets are overflowing with organic foods.Organic restaurants and cafés are not only offering cuisine created from organic ingredients, but many specialise and serve only organically certified produce.

So, what exactly is meant by organic and why is it proving to be an ever-expanding trend? Firstly, for anything to be declared organic it must meet the stringent regulations outlined by the European Union. Organic foods use considerably less pesticides than non-organic produce and the substances used are ones which are permitted by, and adhere to, EU specifications. In the UK, there are a number of certification bodies that ensure EU standards are being met, including DEFRA, the Soil Association, Organic Farmers and Growers, and the Organic Food Federation.

All natural ingredients

organic restaurants and cafes

Natural methods of farming are commonly used when producing organic foods, such as the use of natural fertilisers and biological insect repellents. Due to the lack of interference from chemical products, organic foods are reported to taste noticeably richer and more succulent than produce grown using non-organic methods. This goes someway to explain the increasing popularity of organically sourced ingredients.

Organic usually goes hand in hand with fairtrade produce and again although similarly to the label “organic”, fairtrade appears on many supermarket products, many people are still uncertain as to what being fairtrade actually involves. The Fairtrade Foundation works to ensure that workers involved in the growing and production of food that appears on our shelves are, as the name suggests, fairly paid and work in safe and healthy conditions. It also helps businesses in developing countries to initiate and maintain their place in a sometimes prejudicial and marginalizing market.

The Fairtrade emblem is internationally recognized and by purchasing products that bear this mark, you are contributing to the positive futures of farmers and producers in developing countries.

Eating out can be a daunting affair for those with certain dietary requirements or preferences, yet there are many restaurants and cafés catering for those who find it necessary to be careful about the ingredients they consume and who are also in search of organic and fairtrade foods. It has certainly become much easier for those with an appetite for all things ethical to enjoy delicious organic meals both at home and in many restaurants in the UK.

The UKs Best Organic Restaurants

The Natural Kitchen

With three exciting venues in London, the Natural Kitchen provides extensive menus of fresh, organic cuisine and even offers a telephone service so you can pre-order your meals for collection. There are Natural Kitchen restaurants at Fetter Street, Marylebone and Trinity Square and each uses free range ingredients and prides itself on using seasonal and organic ingredients wherever possible. The Natural Kitchen not only offers a choice of three different sites, but also boasts onsite delicatessens and food stores.

Organic Deli and Café, Oxford

Nestled amongst the cobbled streets and historic roads of Oxford, you will find the Organic Deli and Café. This popular café specialises in organic and fairtrade produce, including vegan and gluten free breads, cakes and delicious hot meals. Not only is the food organic, but customers can enjoy a variety of organic, fairtrade teas and coffee alongside a fantastic selection of organic soft drinks.

Down to Earth, Kensington

A stylish restaurant and shop, Down to Earth is a vegetarian and vegan venue with a delectable selection of organic cuisine. Diversity, inclusivity and the provision of cruelty-free products are at the very heart of Down to Earth’s entire ethos and alongside an extensive range of meat-free choices you will also discover mouth-watering sugar and gluten-free products. The emphasis is on healthy eating at Down to Earth, but this doesn’t mean you will miss out on any sweet treats – far from it, as this organic restaurant presents a tempting range of sugar-free cakes and sorbets.

The Millrace, Leeds

Dine in comfort at the Millrace and choose from a selection of organic beers and wines to accompany your meal. Friendly staff and a first-rate service add to the allure of this restaurant and its locally sourced ingredients ensure each dish retains a freshness which is evident in each and every bite.

Whether you are Organically minded or just fancy trying the natural foods on offer these restaurants and cafe`s are ideal.Certain food intolerance maybe caused by additives in food where as organic is purely natural so give it a go!









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