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Perk your home up for Winter

Perk up your home for Winter

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Your environment affects your mood. Fact. So it stands to reason that sprucing up your home in readiness for the cold months will help winter to pass in a haze of happiness, rather than a pall of chilly gloom. Take a look at the following tips for injecting an air of freshness and vitality into your home this winter and make ready to face everything Mother Nature has to throw your way.

Bring the Outside In

Nothing boosts the mood like wandering around among pretty flowers and lush green foliage. Autumn may herald the onset of leaf shedding and, while this initially brings the outdoors alive with vibrant reds and oranges, these quickly turn to brown and fall to the ground, taking your mood down with them. Winter is the time to brighten your home with plants and flowers, to recreate that heady summer feeling. Evergreen branches festooned with bright berries work just as well as your standard house plants and flowers, and who can resist smiling at the sight of a vase bursting with festive red Poinsettias in the run up to Christmas?

Ring the Changes

As the chimes of New Year fade and your resolutions begin their inevitable decline into obscurity, you can rescue your mood by ringing the changes again in your home. Revamping a room in your home breathes new life into your living space and acts as an instant mood boost. This does not need to be a time-consuming or costly exercise – simply tidying up, binning unwanted junk and rearranging the furniture can work wonders. And if the DIY bug catches you unawares, a fresh coat of paint can make any room feel like new without busting the bank.

Light the Way

Lighting is so often neglected in homes, yet it is one of the most inspiring ways to change the feel of any space. With daylight hours on the wane, your mood demands an extra burst of indoor illumination in winter. For those who suffer from SAD, a light box is invaluable and however you feel about those dark nights, now is the time to up-rate your bulb wattage and add in a few extra lighting features to your home.

Perk up your home for Winter

Cosy Up the Snuggle Space

A home that wraps you in comfort is just what you need to lift your spirits through winter. Luxuriously soft throws, sensational sheepskins and smooth velvets are the order of the day. Piles of comfy cushions on the sofa in front of the fire, with a fluffy rug in the floor and heavy drapes keeping to cold at bay all conspire to keep your mood high, even as you sink into softness around you.

Feel the Love

When I’m feeling low it helps to see, feel and experience things that I love. Surrounding yourself in your home with things that make you happy creates an overall air of contentedness. Family photos, piles of my favourite books, ornaments that hold memories secure inside, paintings and prints that speak of space and light and laughter. All these things make me smile. I’m smiling now just thinking about them. So when winter comes I keep these things close.

Happiness means different things to everyone. When you’re perking up your personal space for winter take a moment to think about all those things that mean something to you. Then work them into your home environment, sit back and let it snow.




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