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Quick and effective make up tips by expert Boe Wright at Botias

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Boe Wright of Botias was more than happy to help us out with offering some brilliant beauty tips to ensure you look your best, even when you may not feel it!

Boe Wright is a leading make up artist for clients across the UK and Europe. She has over 10 years experience working with models and celebrities and is a regular contributor to high end fashion shows and magazines. Coming recommended by the Berkeley Knightsbridge and London Claridges, as well as world renowned wedding planners Quintessentially Events she can teach us a few things about how to apply our make up in a hurry.

We caught up with Boe and asked her for some top ‘in a hurry’ make up tips;

1) Cream blush, and lip gloss, curl the lashes (if there’s no time for mascara), and you are good to go! It makes you feel bright, awake, and glowing. Mac “Lady blush” is a fab cream colour blush and compliments many skin tones.

2) Moisturiser is really important. When your skin is dry, I think it makes you seem sleepy and grey. Also a great trick for mascara is to just put it on — don’t worry about getting it all around your eyes — and then do the rest of your look and return to the eyelash area to clean up the mess with a damp cotton bud. It’s easier to do that than to spend time being too careful.

3) A little bit of bronzer adds warmth to the skin and gives an instant healthy look. Use Matt textures for a more natural look.

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4) A soft pinky lipstick alone can be just enough on the lips, with minimal eyes and moisturised skin. You can then use the same lipstick to dab onto the cheeks to team up as a lovely creamy blush effect. So quick and very effective! Try “Fanfare” from MAC cosmetics a beautiful peach tone fresh for the summer.

5) Tinted moisturisers or  BB creams are amazing!! You don’t have to worry about blending as much as you would a full foundation, they are of a creamy texture, light and give an instant healthy glow!

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