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Quick bathroom updates

Quick bathroom updates

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Redecorating a bathroom can be an expensive and time-consuming job. All those tiles to remove, replace and grout, a whole new suite to plumb in and flooring to tackle as well. But if you’re happy with the basics – the walls, floor and suite – then you can easily update the look of your bathroom with just a few finishing touches.


We all love a little ‘wow’ factor about our homes and the littlest room of the house is no exception. From a refreshing shower, to a long hot soak in the bath, bathrooms are made for relaxing and so it’s nice to include a few fancy finishing touches. Adding a feature mirror or some glamorous towel rails can make a huge difference to the ambience of a bathroom, without much hard work.


When you move into a new home it’s likely that the developer or previous owner will have left you with a pretty basic light fitting. Yes, it might work fine and do the job but aesthetically it doesn’t really add anything to the room. Swopping it for a statement light fitting can change the dynamic of the bathroom, transforming it from a functional room into a luxurious place where you can unwind.

Tile paint

Painting your tiles can be a cheap and relatively easy way to update your walls. These days there are loads of tile paints on the market, with almost any colour you could ever dream of available. However, like most things, you get what you pay for with tile paint and it’s definitely worth doing some research before you choose which one to use.

Change your taps

It’s amazing how much difference simply adding new taps can make to a bathroom. They may seem small, but you use them every time you go in there, it’s worth making sure you’re happy with them. Chrome taps can give a bathroom a sleek modern look while classic taps convey a chic, vintage feel.

quick bathroom updates

Heated towel rails

Not only are they extremely practical, making your towels lovely and cosy for you coming out the shower, heated towel rails can look fabulous too. They can be difficult to install in the first place, but if you already have one and want to change it for something that is more in tune with the feel of the room, then you shouldn’t have much trouble.

Add colour and pattern

Bathrooms can have a tendency to look a little bland, but you can solve this by adding touches of colour and pattern. Whether it’s in your towels, blinds, artwork or shower curtain, a splash of dramatic colour will add depth to the room as well as providing a focal point. By keeping your walls neutral and using colour in this way you can easily change things whenever you become bored, without having to repaint or tile again.

Clean and declutter

Even with the fanciest accessories available, no bathroom is ever going to look great unless it is spotless. Take the time to thoroughly clean tile grout and whiten the seal around the bath. Freshen up the ceiling and woodwork paint for that brand new feeling. Get rid of all your old lotions and potions that have gone out of date, or that you know you won’t use again.



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