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Quick beauty tips

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Quick Beauty tips

Two minute face fix

Are you always in a hurry especially in the mornings? Are you always looking for quick beauty tips to speed you along into the day without all the effort? Well here are a few handy tips that will help you get going in the mornings with minimum effort.

Don’t spend time on lashings of foundation; it’s not really necessary or good for your skin. Use a good concealer and dab around the eye area and T zone to cover any red areas or dark circles. Use a good powder to dust all over your face; mineral powder with SPF is especially good as it gives you an air brushed effect and also protects your skin from the elements.

Rosy glow in 5 minutes


Choose a subtle Rose coloured lipstick; heat the tip with a hairdryer for 5 seconds and sweep across your lips. Then, whilst its still soft use on your eyelids and swirl onto your cheeks. This will give a rosy glow all over with excellent staying power. Top tip for cutting down on time and products!

Use longer lasting make up – Time and money saving!

Always try to buy longer lasting makeup, especially lipstick, eye shadow and lip-glosses. There are some very reasonably priced, long lasting products you can pick up from your local supermarket even. This will save you from applying them all day, and will keep your makeup looking morning fresh. Not to mention saving money too.

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You may want to invest in one of the better quality long lasting foundations,these products really do work they literally last all day leaving your foundation fresh and smear free.Try Double wear by Estee Lauder it is the best on the market for staying power I would say.

Speed dry nail varnish- it’s a godsend when you are rushing!


Try speed dry nail varnishes if you are in a hurry in the mornings, or if you are an impatient person and get fed up of waiting for your nails to dry. Good quality speed dry varnishes will dry much more quickly than normal varnishes. It’s also good practice to use a speed dry topcoat varnish too; this will prevent chips and your varnish from wearing away quickly.

We all know what it’s like when you are in a huge rush, just about to leave the house and you smear or chip your newly painted nails on your way out! You just know that’s going to take another 15 minutes to sort out, and quite probably make you late too. So, if you don’t have time to hang around these really are a must have!





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