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Rising costs of childrens birthday parties

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The rising costs of childrens birthday parties

The rising costs of children’s  birthday parties has recently rocketed to around £500 and the vast majority of parents blame these outrageous costs on pressure to impress the other children’s parents.

Research carried out by The Daily Mail shows that almost half of parents are really struggling to live day by day without having to throw an unnecessary birthday party. More than a quarter of parents are still determined to throw a children’s party due to pressure to look good in front of their friends or acquaintances.

A third are forking out between £80 and £500 just to have parties to impress the other parents. The research figures also found that people expect the party throwers to take in party bags and cakes for fellow classmates at school, this then of course adds to the spiralling overall cost.

46% of struggling families are trying to save as much as possible as much as 4 weeks in advance to fund these lavish parties. 27% of parents avoid buying clothes for themselves or the family to cater for the party, whilst 21% try to save on household bills where they can.

Family Action surveyed 2052 adults for this report and the Chief Executive David Holmes said: “Paying for children’s parties is clearly causing financial stress for many families, even before the costs of birthday presents are taken into account.

This stress is magnified for low-income families who may find themselves spending the equivalent of a week’s living costs for the whole family on a party for a single child. If you then add the extra financial pressures low income families face from low wage rises and the squeeze on welfare, paying for children’s parties is no cause for celebration.”

[Quote taken from the Daily Mail]

Tips for saving money on kids parties

rising costs of kids parties

There are many ways in which you can lower the cost of your child’s birthday party,here are a few tips to scaling back the costs and saving a fortune!

  • Don’t spend time asking what the child would like etc, focus more on having a few close friends around and having a great time.
  • Plan traditional party games like pass the parcel and” pin the tail on the donkey”, kids love these games and they don’t have to cost a fortune.
  • Decorating the room need not be costly; encourage your child to help you with paper bunting and table confetti. Balloons are inexpensive and are an exercise in themselves blowing them up!
  • Children don’t need fancy, expensive food to have fun. Generally children don’t tend to eat that much at parties as they are too busy having fun so a selection of finger food is all they need.
  • Home baking can save a fortune; a little bit of effort from the parents the day before makes all the difference. You could also involve the children – they love to bake.
  • Finally, don’t think you have to “out-do” the other parents,  it doesn’t matter how much you spend as long as the children have had a good time.They personally may not be able to afford it either!
  • Ultimately the whole purpose of the party is that the children have fun – its not about how much it costs.








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