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Save money on holiday essentials

Holiday entitlements at work

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For some people, including the word budget in the same sentence as the word holiday, puts a dampener on the whole thing. However, with the ever increasing prices of trips away, we are being forced to look at ways to save money on holiday essentials without taking away any of the fun. The purchase of clothes, accessories and toiletries eats into many people’s holiday kitties before they’ve even handed over their passports, but there are ways to save all those precious pennies for your actual holiday.

Beg, Borrow – It’s a Steal!

There are some real bargains to be found on the internet, so scour eBay for some second-hand gems. Charity shops are a great place to go for luggage, so keep a look out in second hand shops for any good quality, pre-loved bargains. If you don’t intend to go on holiday regularly, ask relatives if they will be willing to lend you their cases.

I’ve Nothing to Wear

Be honest, is your wardrobe already heaving with all the clothes you bought for last year’s holiday? Unless your breaks are drastically different each year, you should be able to resist buying more items of clothing each time you go away. If you find yourself pining for new clothes for your holiday, keep telling yourself how you will be able to spend that money whilst you are away. You may be able to buy a slap up meal for your family or splash out on a boat ride somewhere fabulous. Also the fewer clothes you pack, the more room for all the new things you buy whilst you are away!

Weigh Your Bags

Many airlines are strict about just how much luggage you can take with you and if you exceed the weight limits you could face paying up to £20 per kilo of excess weight. Check the weight of hand luggage and suitcases before you go and swap things around if needs be to distribute the weight evenly.

Decant shampoo and conditioner

save money on holiday essentialsIt may seem convenient to buy those teeny tiny bottles of moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner, but in most cases a small tube costs almost the same as a full-size bottle. Throughout the year, save any small empty bottles or tubs and squeeze whatever you need into them for your holiday. If you are going away with others, you can even save a bit extra by sharing the same tube of toothpaste, rather than each taking your own.

Text, don’t phone

Did you know that since July 1st there is a cap on roaming charges and that the European Commission has capped texting across borders at €0.11 per text? The maximum price for receiving a call is €0.19 and receiving texts is absolutely free. The maximum that providers can charge for making calls is capped at €0.43 and this is set to eventually fall to €0.35 over the next two years. Therefore the cheapest way to correspond with friends and family back home is by text. If you plan to video chat using a dongle, check costs with your internet provider before leaving the UK.

Eat In

It can be all too tempting to want to dine out every night of your holiday, but it can be just as much fun, and so much cheaper to eat at your own apartment. Stock up on essentials such as bread, pasta and basic sauces and herbs and enjoy some of the local wines and a home-cooked meal in the comfort of your own apartment. If you are going out for the day, take sandwiches and drinks with you so you won’t need to spend anything on lunch. Even if you only eat in or take a picnic for one meal each day, you will soon notice just how much money you can save.



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