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Save money on your fuel expenses

Save money on your fuel expenses

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Are you looking to save money on your fuel expenses? The cost of learning to drive and owning a car these days is expensive enough when you take into account the lessons, license, buying a car and ensuring it has tax and insurance. Then you have the regular maintenance costs and repair costs if something goes wrong. Add to that the fuel costs which have risen significantly over the past few years and you realise just how unaffordable driving can be.

The good news is there are ways you can lower your fuel costs. The simple tips below will help you to make your car more fuel efficient, saving you potentially hundreds of pounds a year.

Ensure your tyres are fully inflated

It is important to regularly check your tyre pressure to ensure it is at the recommended levels. If you’re unsure what tyre pressure your car should have, refer to the owner’s manual. According to the RAC, this simple tip could add up to 3% fuel efficiency. When the tyres don’t have enough pressure, it causes the car to drag which in turn uses up more fuel.

Use your air con wisely

When driving at low speeds, be sure to turn off the car’s air con. This can add an 8% fuel efficiency. As newer cars are introduced, they are decreasing the amount of fuel air conditioning uses up. However, there is no getting away from the fact that air con does use up a lot of fuel.

Start driving with the windows down when driving slowly instead of automatically switching the air con on. However, when driving at higher speeds it is actually more fuel efficient to switch to air con rather than having the windows down. This is because having the windows down at high speeds increases the drag on the car.

Don’t fill the car up completely

You don’t realise just how much fuel can weigh. If you fill the car completely up it will really weigh it down. Filling the tank half or three quarters full will help to keep it running more efficiently. It is estimated this will add 1% fuel efficiency.

Improve your driving habits

save money on your fuel expensesOften it is your driving habits that cause you to use more fuel. If you tend to accelerate hard and speed up quickly, this will use a lot of fuel. Instead, start to gain speed gradually. A basic guideline is to stay underneath 3,000 revs. It is also important to slow down gradually, rather than slamming on the brakes. Try to reduce the amount you brake; particularly around corners and at junctions.

Shop around for the cheapest fuel

This is a fairly obvious tip, yet it is something many people don’t take the time to do. By paying just a few pence less for your fuel, you could be saving up to 5% on your annual fuel bills. There is even a useful app that has been designed to help you find the cheapest prices. You will need to sign up for free via its website Petrolprices.com. The prices are updated daily and it also shows you the price you should be looking for.

These great tips can help you save a surprising amount of money. While fuel is currently extremely expensive, there are always ways you can cut your bill.



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