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Saving money for Christmas


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It’s just round the corner! We need to be  thinking about saving money for Christmas and plan what we have to buy, budgeting is the best way around it and if you find you are still strapped for cash here are a few idea’s to help you make some money before the big day.

Sell unwanted items

We all have them in the bottom of the cupboard, things we don’t want or need. The amount of money’s worth of goods we have and don’t even realise this could be the start of your Christmas fund! Unwanted CD’S, DVD’s, children’s clothes or toys can all be sold to make some extra cash. Some Social Network sites have local buy and sell pages which is really handy for your area, people have less to travel to pick up an item they have bought from you this also saves postage costs.

Start a Christmas cupboard

Many of us when out shopping see lots of bargains whether in a salechristmas shopping, discount store etc… In the future if you see any items that you think would be an ideal present for someone buy it and store it away in your Christmas cupboard.  This form of budgeting spreads the cost rather than blowing Decembers wage totally! Also we  often get in a bit of a panic if we leave all the present buying until the last minute, ending up with gifts for people that are maybe not appropriate which is then a waste of money.

Start saving early

Although we are into autumn it’s not too late for saving for Christmas, If you save £30.00 a week from now until mid-December you will have over £400.00 pounds saved. If you can’t afford to save that amount that’s fine as every penny helps this side of December!

In January look at your finances and decide how much realistically you can save each month and set up a savings account for your Christmas fund, setting up a transfer from your bank account each month paid directly into your savings account saves the hassle of going into the bank, plus you won’t forget!

Check out online prices

Some of us tend to search the internet if we are looking for something in particular to buy, mainly to check out prices. Shop bots (shopping robots) are great to use as they whizz through scores of online shops to find the cheapest price for you, try MegaShopBot.com you will find some amazing deals online and you don’t even have to leave the house!

Places like Amazon are very competitive but always compare with ebay or similar sites as you may find them cheaper.There are many ways to save money generally every day if you really want to be thrifty, just monitor how much you are spending daily on things like fuel, coffee, snacks and lunches, with a little research and effort you can save pounds!!




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