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Shopping trips with children

Shopping trips with children

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It’s safe to say that children and supermarkets don’t really mix. All too often we’ve come across toddlers have a tantrum in the middle of the aisle, closely followed by an incredibly embarrassed parent, trying desperately to defuse the situation without attracting even more attention to their screaming child.

Whether it’s because you put your foot down and refused to buy a toy, or they got bored of being sat in the trolley, tantrums can ruin your shopping experience. If you’re already having nightmares about your next trip to the supermarket, check out these top tips.

Make them comfortable

If your child usually travels everywhere with a particular stuffed toy or blanket, don’t take that away from them when you go shopping. By removing a comforter that you normally allow, you could be asking for trouble. It’s worth thinking about the things that settle them at home, such as music, book, or tablet. If these items keep them calm and comfortable there, they might work in the supermarket.

Positive reinforcement

By offering rewards for good behaviour, rather than the bad behaviour, your child is more likely to behave around the shops. If you give in to their demands every time they play up, they’ll see this as a way to get what they want. Instead, make a deal with your little one that if they behave, they’ll be rewarded with a new toy, for example. If they start misbehaving, a gentle reminder that they won’t get the reward should bag you some extra shopping time.

Time it right

When do you usually hit the shops? When it’s convenient for you probably, such as at the weekend. However, this is probably the worst time for your kids. The stores are much busier at the weekend, meaning your trip can take twice as long. Before heading out of the house, make sure your little ones have had plenty of sleep and something to eat, so they have less to complain about at the supermarket.

Interact with them

Shopping trips with childrenIt’s easy to ignore your kids while you’re focusing on ticking items off your shopping list, but by interacting with them, they’re more likely to be entertained. Keep your child focused by asking them questions, or play spot the difference with different items around the shop. Don’t forget to praise them when they get the answers right.

Ask them to join in

Following on from the last point, one of the best ways to keep your sanity while shopping with children is to keep them amused. If your kids are slightly older, you can get them to help by sending them off to find specific items. If they’re younger, perhaps ask them to point out where the item is on the shelf, or ask them to tick items off the list.



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