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Single parent holidays: Weekends away

single parents holidays with children

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Single Parent holidays – Weekends away

Single parent holidays need’t be difficult. Finding a weekend break that will keep both you and your children happy and entertained need not be as difficult as it sounds. More and more holiday companies and resorts are realising the need for holidays that can cater for the single parent family. Whereas once upon a time you would have been limited to only short breaks in the UK, you can now hop on a plane and enjoy long weekends abroad which are designed specifically for lone parents with children of various ages.

Here you will find specialist vacations as well as the best locations and deals for breaks non-package holidays. There are various factors to take into account when travelling as a single parent and some may be more important than others to different people. Do you want and need crèche facilities for some “me” time or is it essential that a holiday factors in activities that both you and your child can enjoy together?

As every single parent knows, you and your child may not always agree on what constitutes great entertainment; whereas you may love to spend hours gazing at the latest exhibitions and installations at the local art gallery, your child would perhaps be happier burning rubber at a go-carting track. The biggest factor to consider is of course finances and with a little imagination, you can discover a whole world of holidays to suit all budgets, from camping trips to five-star luxury extravaganzas.

Holiday Parks

One of the ways to make your weekend away a holiday for you and your children is to select a resort which provides all meals and entertainment. I am sure you can think of many yourself; Haven, Butlins and Pontins immediately spring to mind. Enjoy child-friendly facilities, kids’ clubs, meals throughout the day and evening entertainment.

What is particularly attractive about these types of resorts is that they also host themed weekends, often involving visits from children’s television characters. For families who wish to immerse themselves in nature or can’t bear the thought of sing-a-long evenings with parent participation talent shows, a break at somewhere like Centre Parcs may be the answer. Reside in rustic comfort in a contemporary styled lodge and enjoy a range of activities including cycling, fencing, arts and crafts, rafting and many more exciting indoor and outdoor pursuits.

Sensational Holidays for Single Parents

You can now book a weekend break that has been designed specifically for single parent families. It is a comfort to many to choose a holiday that has been designed by a company that understands the different requirements that come with taking your children on holiday by yourself and therefore includes breaks aimed at lone parents and their children. Some interesting sites, which can prove useful when searching for the ultimate weekend away include,  SingleWithKids, Mango Holidays and childfriendly.co.uk.

DIY Holidays

Of course, being a single parent can mean that budgets do not allow for all-dancing, all-singing extravaganzas, but this does not mean that you can’t have amazing weekend breaks at a fraction of the price. In fact, devising your own holiday allows you to choose exactly what activities you pay for and participate in, rather than paying an overall sum for a lot of activities you may not even want.

Days at the beach are the ideal way to combine being amongst nature with spending valuable time making happy memories with your children. The UK boasts an array of beautiful beaches which are home to interesting marine life and coastal creatures which are certain to intrigue younger children.

The North of England has a surprising amount of  picturesque beaches and one which features in the Telegraph’s Top 20 is Sandsend in Yorkshire. Neighbour to the famous beaches of Whitby, Sandsend is a resplendent display of craggy cliffs and picturesque sands and the village itself is a haven for those in search of less commercial surroundings. If you wish to head south, visit Dorset’s Studland Bay with its stretch of glistening white sands and translucent waters.

Camping is a great way to save money whilst enjoying outdoor adventures with your children and many coastal destinations have excellent camping facilities with showers, shops and parks nearby. Enjoy starlight expeditions and campfire feasts during a traditional camping holiday in the UK.

With so many options available you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your ideal single parent weekend break in the UK and beyond.



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