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Spring cleaning tips from you!

spring cleaning tips

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Whether it’s the sight of that inch thick dust on the top of your shelves or you’ve been inspired by all those home make-over shows on TV, there’s nothing like a good spring clean to spruce up your home! So we asked you for your best spring cleaning tips to get rid of a stubborn stain or save time – here are the best!

Stubborn Stains

‘Sprinkle Bicarbonate of Soda on carpets to get rid of pet or carpet odors. Sprinkle, rub in, leave and hoover up – job done!’ ~ Natalie Jones

‘There’s not much a toothbrush and a bit of bleachcan’t sort out’ ~ Kirsty Teague

‘CIF actifiz is amazing on windows and glass after sticky noses and hands have been all over them’ ~ Clare Davies

‘The best thing for stain removal is childrens foaming handwash! Takes stains out of everything!’ ~ Beverly Davies

‘Rub washing up liquid into a stain on clothes then wash straight away – gets most things out’ ~ Steph Walters

‘Vinegar gets red wine stains out of carpets’ ~ Laura Meg Miller

In the kitchen

‘Put orange peel in the grill – it will get rid of any odors’ ~ Llauren Sweeney

‘Toothepaste on a toothbrush to clean the seals inside the fridge or freezer door – workswonders and smells fresh’ ~ Liz Fearnleyspring cleaning tips

‘Half a lemon in a little water in the microwave for 1 min, then just wipe’ ~ Misst Senior

‘The power of lemon juice is brilliant – leave in the fridge to diffuse any odours, use for cleaning ovens mixed with baking soda and add to a little white wine vinegar for washing windows’ ~ Tobys Proud Mummy

‘Cocacola boiled in burnt pans removes everything with ease and leaves them sparkly. I also put it down the loo and leave it for half an hour’ ~ Claire Liddy

‘Line your fridge with clingfilm. Sounds mad, but if there’s any spills etc, you can just peel it off and saves on scrubbing’ ~ Jen Russon

In the bathroom

‘Keep a pack of baby wipes handy in the bathroom for quick dusting and removing stains like toothpaste from the sink’ ~ Louise Kat Whittaker, Cat Marriot

‘To clean limescale off tap nossels, put some white vinegar in the corner of a sandwich bag and secure over the tap with an eleastic band. Leave overnight and limescale should have disappeared! ~ Julie Perry

‘On glass shower screens use toilet lime scale remover – gets rid of all those watermarks’ ~ Denise Oates

‘The best time to wash your shower is when you’ve just showered and the room is steamy’ ~ Martine Robinson

Around the house

‘White wine vinegar for glass, mirrors and chrome. Use with dry kitchen roll – comes up a treat!’ ~ Laura Tinkham

‘Lemon juice, vinegar and good old newspaper – cleans glass, microwaves – so many uses’ ~ Joanne Ridgway, Hester A McQueen, Rebecca McIntosh, Chirag Patelspring cleaning tips

‘Use an old toothbrush to get to those hard to reach places, like cupboard corners and window sills’ ~ Krystal Macbeth, Julie Leia-Henderson

‘It doesn’t feel so daunting if you do 20 mins of cleaning, then rest / watch TV / Facebook for 20 mins and repeat. I feel like I get a lazy day but get loads done!’ ~ Catherine McAlinden

‘Put hairspray on make up on carpets, leave for 5 mins and it scrubs off easily’ ~ Kim Plant

‘For wax crayons on walls, milk removes it no problem!’ ~ Joylindsey Mahoney

‘Use hairspray on stickers that kids have stuck around the house. Spray it on, leave it, then it should remove easily’ ~ Shamly Sheikh Akhtar

‘Get the music on and it doesn’t feel like a chore’ ~ Claire Gray

Prevention rather than cure

‘Wax paper on the taps and chrome stops water marks’ ~ Karen Cowley

‘Always rinse coffee mugs out to prevent stains’ ~ Valerie L McCarthy

‘Put car wax on the wall tiles to keep soap scrum free’ ~ Karen Malcolm

Best of the rest

‘Hire a cleaner and hit the sunshine!’ ~ Hannah Allard, Cerys Parker-Williams

‘If you get a red wine stain on a shirt, just immerse the whole shirt into a bowl of wine, then no one will notice the stain and you will be too p***ed to care from drinking the remaining wine!!’ ~ Gary Townsend

‘Get your boyfriend / husband to do it – just reward them with a beer after!’ ~ Louise S Paul

‘Don’t have children, or pets or a husband! The house will be clean then!’ Maxine Partridge



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