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Spring cleaning tips

spring cleaning tips

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The days are getting longer, the daffodils are out and spring is definitely in the air. What’s more is that its arrival is very welcome. It’s this time of year that many of us feel like doing a little bit more and often that involves getting out the duster and giving the house a good old spring clean. Here are some spring cleaning tips for getting your house in tip top condition.

Not so stainless steel

Some things around the house are harder to keep looking good than others and one of those pesky troublesome materials is stainless steel. It can often look streaky and dull even after a clean! A good way of keeping it looking it’s best is to use a light wax based aerosol spray a couple of times a week. Easy does it though as too much will cause it to look greasy. Spray and then gently wipe away with a lint free cloth and get the show home gleam.

Rolling out the red carpet

cleaning tipsCarpets take their fair share of wear and tear don’t they? Serving us day in day out especially with larger families – all that foot traffic can leave them a little lack lustre. It’s always wise create regular good habits and make sure you remove your outdoor shoes before walking on the carpets, and leaving on your socks is best, as bare feet can leave natural oils on the carpet which attracts dust and dirt.  But from time to time a little extra help is required and a deep clean is needed, either by bringing in the carpet cleaning professionals or hiring a carpet cleaner. A clean carpet can transform a room and leave a lovely fresh smell. Clean carpets are better for health as well as sprucing up your home.

Gleaming tiles

Tiles in the kitchen and bathroom can soon start to look grubby. The grease from cooking and the excess water from showering can cause a build-up of dirt and mildew. There are many products on the market for cleaning tiles but a home-made remedy can be just as good. Mixing half a cup of baking soda with two gallons of water gives a great cleaning solution. Together with a little bit of elbow grease with a mop an bucket or sponge and those tiles will gleam.

Clear out the clutter

A spring clean can start with a spring clear! Make room in those cramped wardrobes by having a good clear out of all the things you no longer wear or no longer fit you. Give them to charity. Even if you think they are not good enough to sell, many charities still want the clothing as they can sell it by the weight and still raise much needed cash for their cause. Also clear those bookshelves; get rid of the books you no longer need and create a bit of space – again many charities would more than welcome new book stock.

If you think your bathroom or bedroom is looking a bit tired you can create a mini-makeover. Simply renewing bedding or towels or updating a blind or curtains can transform a room. A lovely vase of fresh flowers too and you have a new room!

Smells good…

We use all our senses in the home and having lovely scents around the home creates a freshness and homeliness too. There are many air fresheners out there but citrus or vanilla fragrances are great around the home. A citrus smell is sure to create a fresh feel and vanilla can provide a homely calming smell.

Having a clean home is important not just for the fact that it looks better but it is healthier. A fresh and clean environment is good for the body and the soul so let’s get on our rubber gloves and tackle those rooms!




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About Shani Fowler

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