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Stop Junk Mail!


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Not only is junk mail costing our trees and the environment, but getting piles of junk mail through your door every morning is down right irritating. If you are one of the many who tend to quickly sift through the bills, pizza delivery leaflets and local magazines in the hope there will be an unexpected cheque or something of interest, then you know how the growing amount of junk mails that lands on your mat, soon piles up.

You can stop junk mail

Junk mail comes in two forms; letters with your name and address on and letters without but that are distributed by Royal Mail. The good news is it can be stopped, the bad news, its not a legal right. Every member who is part of the Direct Marketing Associated has to agree not to send junk mail to individuals who have indicated they don’t want to be contacted. This is done through their code of practice. So at some point you have applied for a new credit card or entered a competition and ticked the box that states that you don’t wish to be contacted with further information you may find of interest, and that company does contact you, you have grounds for complaint. The best way to stop all junk mail is by joining the Mail Preference Service Register, although it may take up to four months for the junk mail to stop altogether. You can either do this online or by calling 0845 703 4599.

Deceased still receiving junk mail

Sadly, when a relative or person living with you passes away, the companies sending out the mail aren’t always informed and continue to bombard that person with junk mail. Not only is this annoying, it can also be very upsetting and distressing for loved ones receiving the mail. You can put a stop to this by signing up to the bereavement register and the Deceased Preference Service; both of which are totally free and secure.

Royal Mail vans junk mail

For mail that is distributed by Royal Mail with no addressee, such as flyers and leaflets, then it is also possible to get these stopped as well. However, it will stop ALL unaddressed mail, so be prepared to stop receiving your local takeaway menus and charity magazines that you may find useful!

You can stop this mail by either writing to:


Royal Mail Door to Door Opt Outs

Kingsmead House

Oxpens Road



Or by emailing: [email protected]. Royal Mail will then send a form to you to fill in, sign and return. Once completed, the junk mail should stop within 6 weeks and last for 2 years, at which point you can renew the opt out option.

If you are still receiving the odd leaflet or magazine which is delivered by individuals rather than Royal Mail, then its time to get your pen, paper and sticky tape out and make your own ‘NO JUNK MAIL’ sign, that Blue Peter would be proud of!



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