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Summer Makeup Tips

Summer Makeup Tips

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Glorious hot summer days may be good for the soul, but can play havoc with your make-up. The sweaty-smeary-sticky look is never a good one! But it’s okay – top make-up artists know how to get around the heat, we’ve gathered some of the best advice from around the web to help keep you looking fresh as the temperatures rise.

  1. Preparation, preparation, preparation – any home decorator knows that a little primer goes a long way to preparing a surface to take the paint. The same applies to your face. Give your make-up a chance in the summer heat by applying a primer after your moisturiser before you start
  2. Go easy on the bronzer – while a little warmth can make your face look healthy and bright, too much bronzer can give you that fake, baked-on look. Imagine how the sun actually catches your face most prominently – on the high points such as your cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead – and focus on blending bronzer mainly on these areas. Powder types are most resistant to the heat, and easiest to blend
  3. Lighten up – we swap to lighter fabrics in summer and need to alter our make-up regime to suit this softer, fresher look. Try tinted moisturiser in place of foundation, which has less chance of turning cakey in the hot sun, this will help keep your skin hydrated too. If this leaves you feeling exposed, add a little powder foundation to add further cover to any blemishes
  4. Be bold with colour – washed-out neutrals can clash with a bright summery wardrobe and leave you looking pale, drawing attention to your make-up instead of it blending seamlessly with your overall appearance. Be daring, add a little colour to your palette. Apple blush on the cheeks is a good starting point, if bright statements are not your thing
  5. Summer Makeup TipsBlot away – it’s nigh-on impossible to avoid a little sweat on the T-zone when you’re out in the sun, but this is easy to deal with. Invest in some blotting papers – they’re not expensive – and when you feel the area getting slick, blot the moisture away and repair your make-up with a light dusting of pressed powder to smooth the skin and return your summer glow
  6. A little bit of lippy goes a long way – heavy, thick lipsticks can look like overkill in the bright sun, turning sticky in the heat. But that doesn’t mean you are consigned to using clear lip balms for the duration of the summer. Tinted balms offer a hint of colour with the benefit of a high SPF built in. Colour and protection all-in-one
  7. Use sheer shades – heavy colours on the eyes and lips can look like overkill in the summer sun, and show up more if they happen to bleed in the heat. Switch to lighter, sheer shades that are almost impossible to overdo, use a clear lip liner to covertly keep your colour in place while maintaining that fresh look
  8. Embrace eye primer – as for the rest of your face using an eye primer instead of a cream will help to keep your colour in place for longer during the day. Creams can break down the make-up, especially in the heat, so use a primer instead, topped with a light brush of powder to create the perfect undercoat for lasting colour
  9. Waterproof your lashes – modern formulas for waterproof mascara are far less brittle and chunky than earlier versions. When it’s hot, a waterproof version will help prevent sweat shifting your mascara and making it run. If you still find them too heavy try just applying the waterproof one to the very ends of the lashes



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