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Tattoos and piercings

tattoos and piercings

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What to do if your child wants them?

Expression is an important part of human development; it’s crucial for us to make our own mark, to be unique and in some cases it’s enough to wear certain clothes or dye your hair, but in extreme cases it can be a more permanent decision. Tattoos and piercings are ever becoming popular with the younger generation so be prepared when the dreaded question approaches.

I decided I wanted to get a Tattoo when I was fifteen, my parents said that once I was 18 I could do what I liked but until then I was confined to having my ears pierced, i think they thought I would grow out of it, but I didn’t. On 25th November 2000 I turned 18 and I went straight to the Tattoo shop with my ID and got my first tattoo. In actual fact, my mum went with me and paid for it, I think she realised I was going to do it anyway so best pay to go somewhere decent than pay some butcher £20 to scratch at me with a compass point. I got plenty more, and in fact my mum has some of her own, because when it’s done right, tattoos really can be an artistic form of expression. My tattoos are for me, they have no higher meaning or secret agenda, I don’t have them to be rebellious, I have them because I like them.

Try the logical approach

As a parent it can be hard to find the balance between letting your children develop at their own pace and make the decisions they will have to keep on making from a young age and then stepping in and stopping them ruining their lives. I always found that although my parents never stopped me doing anything, they did always try and make me think about the logic first, and when my kids are older I will do the same.

Don’t rush into anything – let the idea sink in, and if you do want a tattoo then don’t go running off to the first shop you see with a badly painted mannequin in the window.tattoos and piercings Do your research, pay a little extra and get the best possible, especially if it’s permanent. We all know that if you just out-rightly tell a teenager ‘no’, then chances are they will do it just out of spite, whereas if you give them the guidance to make their own choices in the right way then chances are they will do what is right.

Go with them and check the artist out

Tattoos and piercing are just an expression of self, a way of telling the world what you’re about but having a hand in it might be good as you will have the experience of dealing with people. So go with them and meet the person who’s going to jab your beloved child with a sharp needle and make sure they aren’t drunk or unclean. In the excitement, a teen may not take the time to check things like hygiene or qualifications so be the voice of reason, be there to question the person doing the work about their experience and how they work, hopefully your child will learn from this and in future will know how to get the best possible experience from their venture.

Be as supportive as you can, be a guide, the voice of common sense and if they are under 18 then make them wait and explain the law to them, if they do sneak out and get tattooed under age then get the police involved. Let your kids express themselves, but let them do it in a safe and sensible way.



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  1. ChoccyMonster

    I had my first piercing – my tongue, when I was just 13, to say my parents weren’t happy was an understatement. Then at 15 I produced fake ID and had my first small tattoo. Thankfully I had it done on my shoulder blade where I can hide it as I regret ever getting it done. I’m 26 and regret ever having my tongue pierced as it completely ruined my teeth.


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