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Teen piercings


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Do you let your child have them?

For many teens body piercing is a fun and appealing means of self-expression.  But as a parent, you may have some concerns about your beautiful child having a chunk of metal poked through her lip.  If your teenager comes to you asking to get a piercing then there are some things you should talk about before reaching a decision together.

Why is it appealing?

Does your child want a piercing to stand out, because all her friends have them or simply because she likes the way they look? If this is something she wants off her own back then she’s far less likely to regret it than if she’s trying to fit in or impress her friends.


While facial piercings do look cool, it is important for your teen to remember that they can in some cases cause scarring. You may be more willing to allow a second earlobe or a navel piercing, as they’re not too extreme and can be easily hidden. Changing the placement of a proposed piercing can be a good way to compromise if you can’t come to an agreement.

The Studio

teen piercingsThe most important part of getting a new piercing is picking a studio with a licence and a great reputation. Before committing to anything, make sure the shop is clean and that everything that will be used during the procedure is disposable and/or sterilised. Any piercer worth their salt will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have before and after being pierced. Choose a qualified body piercer that uses needles rather than a hairdresser or shop worker that has been given a day’s training with a piercing gun. It goes without saying that DIY piercings or those done by friends are a massive mistake!


While some kids are meticulous about their personal hygiene others are, shall we say, a bit more relaxed. Healing a new piercing takes weeks and often even months, requiring time and effort to take care of it and ensure it doesn’t become infected. Make sure this is something your teen understands and is willing to undertake before he or she goes under the needle. The body piercer will go over aftercare instructions with you as well as giving you a leaflet to take home.

Rules and Regulations

The law doesn’t provide a set age for allowing body piercings but some local authorities do and most reputable studios follow the British Body Piercing Association’s policy of not piercing children without parental consent. Some operate a blanket ban on piercing under 16s even with the consent of a parent so do your homework and check before you set out. As well as legal restrictions, it is worth considering school or work’s attitude towards body modifications. Jewellery in new piercings shouldn’t be removed for the first few weeks so if the school or workplace has rules against wearing body jewellery then it might be better to wait till the holidays.

If your teen has convinced you that they’re serious about wanting a piercing and you think they’re mature enough to look after it properly then really, what’s the harm?  Unlike tattoos, piercings are generally temporary and any scarring left from closed holes will be pretty small and not very noticeable. By giving permission you can make sure piercings are done safely and looked after properly – you may even gain a few ‘cool’ points in the process!




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