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Teenagers’ Birthday Party Ideas

Teenage birthday party

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It may seem like no time since all you needed for the perfect birthday party was a gathering of grandparents, aunties and uncles, a few balloons and a cake with a couple of candles. But now your little baby is growing up and that no longer cuts the mustard. No matter how they might protest that they don’t care what people think, every teenager wants their party to be the one everyone at school talks about for ages afterwards. Which means putting your heads together to come up with an idea that not only suits the parents and is deemed to be cool by the birthday boy or girl, but is also within a set budget and doesn’t end up in a trashed house! This may seem like a daunting prospect but there are plenty of ideas to keep everyone happy and ensure your party goes with a (only metaphorical) bang.

Hosting a teenage birthday party

Whether you choose to host a party in your home or in a hired venue, you should try and put some effort into décor. A theme will make your party memorable and could even be rolled out into fancy dress if the guests are up for it. Your teenager will be mocked forevermore if you go down the pirates or fairies route so think of themes you might enjoy yourself and remember that there are likely to be both boys and girls there so it has to be something that appeals to both sexes. Themes like Hollywood, rock stars or gangsters work well or keep it as simple as a black and white theme with monochrome décor and everyone wearing something black or white. Finishing touches could include serving mocktails alongside a buffet or even a chocolate fountain if you’re brave and don’t mind mess.

 Teenagers at a birthday party

Days out

One of the main conditions teenagers want to impose on parties is a ban on parents being there. If you’re not so sure about hosting a party without adult supervision then a day out could be the answer. Girls may enjoy a makeover at a salon, a karaoke party at a recording studio or a limo ride to a roller disco. For boys you could consider go-karting, rock climbing or paintballing. Mixed groups may enjoy pizza followed by the cinema or an evening at the bowling alley. As these activities generally involve smaller groups and take place in public, the need for supervision is greatly reduced. Plus they might be happy for you to stick around after you’ve chauffeured them there.

Party bags

While older kids might find the idea of party bags a bit childish, younger teenagers might still be into the idea and if you call them ‘favours’ then they suddenly become much more sophisticated. Small gifts for teenagers are difficult to think of, however, so it’s better to fill a small favour box with one or two items rather than give out bags of stuff that will go straight in the bin. It goes without saying that a slice of  birthday cake will be incorporated but other edible treats are always appreciated. Gifts like wristbands, fortune fish, phone charms, glow sticks, lanyards or small stationary items usually go down well. Alternatively, if you like to make things a bit more personal, try CDs of music played at the party. You could also take lots of photos at the beginning of the evening then print them off while the party is in full swing and stick them in cheap frames, ready to be picked up at the end of the night.




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