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Tesco Clubcard: Are you getting everything you’re entitled to?

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Most of us are very familiar with Tesco’s Clubcard scheme. The red, white and blue giant’s loyalty programme was the first major initiative of its kind in the UK supermarket sector, proving to be a runaway success whilst competitor J Sainsbury dropped the idea, only to have to reinstate it when Tesco’s scheme took off.

However, many of the scheme’s participants are unaware that they could be wringing more out of it than they currently are. Most of us simply watch the points tally build up as we spend, and enjoy the resultant vouchers when we have enough points to convert – but there are ways of accruing more points, along with a couple of other handy tips for making sure you get everything you’ve earned:

Tesco Clubcard points carry over

Most shoppers assume that if they lose any of the vouchers they’ve earned, then they have to write them off, but that’s not true at all: If you log on to their website, access your account and click on ‘my vouchers’, you’ll be able to re-print any that you’ve lost and not spent. Although this seems like an obvious tip, anyone who doesn’t regularly use the web might not think of it, or have any idea what to do. Elderly relatives with no web access or any interest in using it can benefit from this, and many have with over £30,000 already claimed by members of one popular personal finance website to date.

Once you’ve checked your account, how about grabbing hold of some more points via a cashback site? There are a number of websites that act as affiliates for various online stores, and they’ll reward you for using them with a small cash bonus based on whatever you buy from the stores they direct you to. The cashback balance you hold with them can often be exchanged for Tesco Clubcard points which doesn’t seem particularly advantageous until you realise that the swap rate is set so that you’ll get Tesco points worth more than the value of your cashback balance, so you’re actually getting something for nothing.

Clubcard Rewards

Your next tactic is to keep a vigilant eye out for Clubcard Rewards: These vouchers are obtained by converting ordinary Clubcard points, but you get three or four times as much value from them. This is because Tesco have made deals with selected partners to make this possible, so if you want tickets to theme parks, train tickets, magazine subscriptions cinema tickets and more you’ll be able to enjoy treats that are worth four times what you’d get if you converted the points to ordinary vouchers and spent them in-store.

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The Clubcard Exchange

It doesn’t end there either, because Tesco will periodically decide to offer one of their Clubcard Exchanges. They do this three or four times every year, and during these selected periods your vouchers will be worth double their face value on certain categories in-store and very possibly online as well, so you’ll be able to double the value of your points at a stroke. To take full advantage of this, you’ll need to enquire at your local store or online at the Clubcard site and diarise the periods during which the Exchanges will be taking place.

Holding off spending your vouchers until the Clubcard Exchange starts means you’ll gain maximum advantage if the applicable produce is included in the promotion, and once you’ve been round the loop a couple of times with this process you’ll get a good feel for which items they tend to select for the double points treatment and you can plan your voucher spending accordingly to maximise the benefit you get from the scheme.

You’ll need to be crafty, but get this right and you’ll come out well ahead and make endless savings.




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