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Things to make you happier in 30 mins

things to make you happier in 30 mins

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Whilst most of us don’t wake up, shoot out of bed and cartwheel across the landing with glee every morning – it is better if we can stay on the right side of happiness! Happiness is not a destination it’s a journey and whilst from day to day our happiness levels vary, there are some things we can do to try and improve our mood – and they don’t have to take long or indeed cost anything. Let’s have a look at things to make you happier in 30 mins.

Increase activity

Exercise is well known for producing “feel good” hormones, kick starting the system. Take yourself off for a walk or even walk to school if you normally take the car to drop off or collect the kids, the fresh air an added bonus! If you are at work take the stairs instead of the lift. Fit in a thirty minute exercise class or gym session in some part of the day if you can. Get up and move, get that blood pumping and oxygen circulating – it is surprising the difference this often free activity can make to mind and body.

Good deed for the day

Use some time to do a good deed for the day. You can say something nice to someone, give them praise or even buy someone a little treat. Ask if an elderly neighbour needs anything from the shops. It doesn’t have to cost much (or anything) but can a kind gesture can speak volumes. Send someone you haven’t been in contact with for a while, an email or text, let them know you are thinking of them. Making someone else feel good ultimately makes us feel good and can create a better, happier environment for all.

Do those tasks at the back of your mind!

Everyone has those “tasks” that they keep putting off. Filling in forms, sorting out a pile of bills – you know the sort! We send them to the dusty recesses of our minds, but you know they are still there! That gremlin in your head keeps coming back to remind you – usually just as you are about to try and get your beauty sleep. Set to work and tackle that task. It will probably take less time than you think and once it is done the weight off your mind can feel like a holiday (well almost)!


Things to make you happier in 30 minsWhilst it might not be prudent to run out to the nearest person and give them a cheque with your life savings, you can give value other than money. Giving is good – you can give half an hour of your time to a lonely neighbour. Especially and elderly neighbour who may otherwise have no other conversation that day. You can give blood to a donor centre – this is not only giving it is life-saving. Knowing you can make a difference makes you feel happier.


Even if you don’t feel like smiling, still do it. Research shows that even artificial smiling can boost your mood. Every face looks better wearing a smile over a frown.

Our time is precious and it the day can run away before we know it but we owe it to ourselves to try and make sure we are as happy as we can be and if we can help spread the happiness to others all the better!




About Shani Fowler

About Shani Fowler

Shani is 46 years old and a mum to a five year old little boy, Zak. Together with her husband and German Shepherd Bo, they live in Rothwell, Leeds. For over twenty years Shani worked as a Practice Manager in a Solicitors Practice. During her time there she was lucky enough to have been put through University and studied for four years, obtaining a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies. Sadly, the Solicitors Practice closed in September of 2012 but the time felt right to spread her wings a little and set up a Freelance Bookkeeping Service which so far has been successful. The flexibility also allows Shani to focus on her passion for writing too. She love reading, writing and dancing and has been dancing for about ten years now despite her husband insisting she's not improved, and informing her she possesses the fluidity of movement similar to that of C3PO (the robot from Star Wars)! Her favourite film is Shaw Shank Redemption, closely followed by Chicago, American Beauty and Philadelphia and her favourite book is Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes. Shani loves to holiday in Ixia, Greece, loves the Lake District and most of all loves her family (including Bo), friends and loves to laugh!

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