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Thrifty tips for keeping warm this Winter

Keeping fit and healthy in Winter

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As the winter sets in and we all start to baton down the hatches and crank up the heating, many of us seek out cheaper ways to keep warm during the winter months. Let’s see if we can keep our energy bills in check by adopting thrifty measures to top up the warmth.


Before you head to turn the central heating dial up ask yourself – am I wearing enough? A lot of us simply don’t wear enough – we prance  around the house in a tee shirt and jeans, no wonder we are cold – we need to make sure you are wearing enough in the first place. Layering up is always best. Put a pair of tights under trousers/jeans/leggings, and then a pair of socks over tights – this is the first rule of thumb!

Also we need to dig out those slippers (or even better) slipper boots we got for Christmas last year and get them on too. These help keep the feet lovely and warm as cold feet can make us feel cold all over. Slippers are great especially if you have a lot of uncarpeted areas around the home such as wood, tile and laminate flooring as these surfaces can be very harsh on your feet.

Then of course there is the rest of the body. A tee shirt, thinner jumper and a cardigan will keep us warmer than just one thick jumper, and don’t forget we can add a scarf for that extra warmth around our neck and head. Also it might seem a little old fashioned but a vest is also a great way of starting those layers off – thermal or not!


We can even wear leggings or a thin jumper under our pyjamas for that extra layering at bedtime and don’t be afraid to wear a hat. We lose a lot of our heat through our head so a hat is a great way to insulate against that! Tuck tops into trousers so there are no exposed patches for the cold to get at. Okay we might not win any prizes at London Fashion Week but hey we will be warm and cosy.


Shower or bathe once a day?  It is best to undertake this in the evening, this is when the house is usually at its warmest and is preferable to a morning when the house has gone so cold overnight.

Around the house

Close the curtains on an evening to keep in the heat, it can make a real difference. Pick a room in the house that is the warmest and stick there. Keep throws handy to snuggle down with. Keep heat bags or hot water bottles with you for added instant warmth, they really do provide a good source of heat.

Thrifty tips for keeping warm this winter

Food and drink

Try and eat hot foods such as porridges for breakfast or cereals with warm milk. Soups and stews are real winter warmers for lunches and tea. Also keep stocked up with plenty of teas, coffees, hot chocolate and even Bovril for those winter warming drinks. Warm drinks help raise the core temperature.

Keeping warm in winter is not just a matter of comfort it is essential to keep alive, well and healthy. Many people don’t stay warm enough and it can result in illness and in some cases severe hypothermia can be life threatening. With the expense of winter fuel bills these tips may help keep energy costs from spiralling without resulting in the loss of warmth. Stay safe.











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About Shani Fowler

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