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Throw a New Years Eve party without breaking the bank


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Cheap ways to throw a New Years Eve party

New Years Eve is the most anticipated night out of the year.  If you’re hosting a party the pressure is on to make it a night to remember and if you’re on a tight budget after Christmas, this can seem like a real challenge.  But don’t despair, there are plenty of ways to throw a New Years Eve party without breaking the bank – you just need to be a little imaginative.

Pot luck

Ask your guests to bring something towards a buffet.  This could be anything from a salad or pasta dish to some crisps or nuts.  Not only does this cut costs, it also saves you work.  Ask everyone to bring a particular item so that you don’t end up with a table full of Pringles and dips.

Start late

You want your party to be in full swing when the bells chime at midnight.  A nine o’clock start gives everyone plenty of time to get into the party mood without peaking too early.  Starting your party later also means you’ll spend less on food and drink.


With new year falling just a week after Christmas it’s likely you’ll still have all your festive decorations up so you don’t have to worry about making your home look the part.  Lighting some (carefully positioned!) candles and providing party poppers for the bells should be plenty.

Keep it intimate

Unless you live in a mansion, it’s unlikely that your home will comfortably hold loads of people.  Keeping your guest list short allows you to interact with each guest as well as allowing people room to mingle and dance.  It also cuts drinks bills pretty significantly!

Make a playlist

Rather than hire entertainment, create a playlist on your iPod and blast it out.  Think about previous parties and include songs that always have your guests up on the dance floor.  Turn on the television to see Big Ben striking midnight and get back to the music afterwards.

Party games

You don’t have to fork out for expensive party games.  Get some pieces of paper and have everyone write down their new year resolution.  Chuck them all in a bowl and as you pick them out everyone has to guess whose it is.  Avoid drinking games as they will bump up costs as well as doubling the chances of something getting broken.

Ditch the paper

It’s the 21st century and most people don’t expect the postman to drop an invitation through their letterbox.  Instead, let your guests know about your party by email or create a private event on Facebook.  This has the added advantage of allowing you to keep guests updated on things like who is bringing what food.

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Drinker’s paradise

New year is renowned for drunken antics and alcohol is probably going to be the thing that takes up most of your budget.  If you want to serve bubbles at the bells then consider Prosecco as a cheaper alternative to Champagne.  Alternatively, bear in mind that buying by the case often works out less expensive than buying individual bottles.  If your budget won’t stretch too far then let your guests know it’s a BYOB party.  If you arrange for everyone to bring a bottle of something different you can have some fun mixing cocktails.

There you have it; a fabulous new year party without too much expense.  All you need to do now is pre-book some taxis and make sure everyone has a safe way to get home afterwards.  Enjoy your party!








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