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Throwing a baby shower

Throwing a baby shower

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Baby showers have been the done thing in the US for decades. Over the last few years the trend has caught on over here too. A baby shower is a fun way to celebrate with a mum-to-be before the baby arrives, it takes some of the pressure off her entertaining guests, while sleep-deprived with a new baby to look after.

Who organises a baby shower

Usually the person to host the baby shower will be someone close to the mum-to-be, perhaps a sister or close friend. This person will be responsible for sending out invites, arranging a location and organising food and drinks. That doesn’t mean she has to do it all herself of course, everyone can pitch in to lend a hand. It’s still pretty unusual for women to hold their own baby shower. Most showers are arranged for between four and six weeks before the baby’s due date. This is late enough that the parents are confident everything is going well with the pregnancy, but early enough that the baby isn’t likely to arrive before the party date.


Most people hold a baby shower in the host’s home. However, if large numbers of guests are expected then it might be sensible to hire a village hall or function room. Ideally it’s a good idea to host the gathering somewhere other than the mum to be’s home. This avoids giving her the stress of tidying and cleaning for everyone coming round, then having to clear up again afterwards.

Who to invite

Throwing a baby showerObviously the mum-to-be will be the guest of honour but there are other important people to consider too. The baby’s grandparents and aunties will obviously be invited, as well as close friends and some work colleagues. Check your list with the mum-to-be before sending out the invites, make sure you haven’t missed anyone important (or are inviting someone that wouldn’t be welcome!). Baby showers are traditionally a female-only event but some new parents want to include everyone who’s important to them.

Food & drink

Finger foods are the most common to be served at baby showers. Not only are they easy to prepare in advance, they allow for everyone to pitch in. A buffet table also offers more opportunity to mingle with other guests. Out of respect for the guest of honour, who will likely be abstaining from alcohol, popular drinks include mocktails and virgin punch.

What happens at a baby shower?

Baby showers can vary dramatically depending on the nature of the people involved. Quieter types may prefer a gathering with plenty of chatting and catching up with old friends. Others may wish to play party games or even make a plaster cast of the baby bump! Consider the personality of the mum-to-be when deciding on the form the baby shower should take. After all, it’s all about her – at least until the baby arrives – and so it should be something that she’s comfortable with and will enjoy.




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