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Tidy house,tidy mind

Tidy house, tidy mind

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An untidy home can lead to a cluttered mind. Getting into the routine of keeping your home clean, tidy and organised can help you deal with tasks efficiently, be more creative and allow you more time to enjoy with your family. Mess in the home can leave you feeling anxious and stressed while de-cluttering and having a good spring clean can make you feel invigorated.



You may not spend a huge amount of time there but keeping your bathroom sparkling can help boost your productivity. It doesn’t have to be a huge chore either. Clean the sink, toilet and surfaces while you supervise the kids’ bath time, give the shower a wipe down when you’re done and then it’s just a case of washing the floor.


The kitchen is often the hub of a family home so can become the most difficult room to keep clean and tidy. Tidy and clean as you go as much as possible and keep everything you can in cupboards to clear up counter space. A cup of tea will leave you feeling even more refreshed if you’re able to prepare it in a clean and tidy kitchen.

Tidy house, tidy mind


Living room

If your living room is littered with toys, books, homework and empty mugs then you will find it difficult to relax in. Keeping this area free from clutter allows you to chill out without feeling guilty that you should be doing housework.


Your own bedroom should be a little haven of serenity. After all, how can you expect to de-clutter your mind to sleep well if your bedroom is covered in clothes, make up and whatever else you might have lying around? Clean bed sheets are also a must. You can afford to be a little more relaxed about children’s bedrooms as they don’t pick up on messiness quite so much as we do (or at all in many cases!) As long as the bedding is clean and the room is free of dust you can encourage kids to keep their own rooms tidy.



If your house is anything like mine, post will be opened, read then dumped in a pile on the counter. This means that letters that need to be acted upon get lost in the mire and dealing with them becomes even more of a chore as you need to actually find the letter before you can do anything about it. Creating a simple filing system is all it takes to feel more organised. Even if it’s still on the counter, a letter rack with a compartment for things that need to be paid or returned, one for school letters and one for the stuff that’s to be filed away will help you feel more organised and clear up that mess of mail on your counter top.


A calendar is a godsend for busy families but they only work if you remember to update them with events and appointments. Sync the one on your phone with your partner’s so that you can both see what’s happening at the touch of a screen. Alternatively, go old school and stick one to the wall so that everyone can see what plans you have for the coming month.







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