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Time saving treatments

time saving treatments

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Get the perfect brows,tan and body wrap with time to spare!

I have to admit I like my beauty treatments, I don’t always need them and I certainly can’t always justify spending the money on them but the way I look at it, you work hard so why shouldn’t you enjoy the occasional treat?How can I get the time saving treatments i want without having to take a week off work to get them?!

This got me thinking, everybody always says there’s not enough hours in the day, so what if you could enjoy a little pampering whilst saving some much needed time in your schedule?  That’s right, I’ve done a little research into time saving products and treatments that you can treat yourself to, guilt-free knowing you’re actually saving yourself time in the long run.  This was no hardship, I don’t mind telling you!

HD Brows

The first treatment on my list is HD Brows. Founded by Nilam Patel, this is a brow shaping treatment that has taken the celebrity world by storm and is fast becoming accessible to us mere mortals in salons up and down the country.  The girls from TOWIE are keen HD Brows enthusiasts as is Katie Price, who actually trained to do the procedure.

This 7 step eyebrow shaping treatment is design orientated, your therapist will look at your face shape, skin tone and personality when designing your brows and will compensate for years of over plucking or worse….not plucking at all!  A combination of techniques are used to create the perfect look, these include tinting, waxing and threading as well as filling in your brows with make-up.  You even get a lesson in how to make-up your brows correctly, something I thought I had down to a tee.  Typically, the salon will try to sell you the HD Brows pencil and palette but why not give in and get them, they last for absolutely ages and are worth every penny.

The average HD Brows client only sees her therapist every 4 weeks, so the 45 minutes you spend having this treatment done is already looking good when you think you can sit for 30 minutes at a time having a tint and wax every fortnight and sometimes longer if you’re having threading done.

Give it a go

The first time you go to have your HD Brows treatment you might not be blown away by the end result.  This is normal, the therapist will have to see you at least twice to start getting your eyebrows into that sleek and oh-so-groomed shape you desire, so be patient.  You will be given advice on how to care for your brows, in my case I was told not to pluck my brows at all under any circumstances.    I came out with defined, shapely brows after just 45 minutes, I will only have to go back every 3 to 4 weeks so by my estimations that’s 45 minutes a month rather than an hour or more and 2 to 3 trips to have a wax/thread and tint. Interestingly, HD Brows incorporates both threading and waxing as neither one treatment on its own is perfect for the whole job.  Prices vary for this treatment but start at £25.

Fake Tan

Ok, moving on.  My next bugbear is fake tan.  I love having a bit of colour, I’m done with sunbeds and care about looking after my skin so I have no option but to go for fake tan but I am the world’s worst fake tan applier and I don’t have the time or the inclination to strip butt naked in front of a beauty therapist and have her spray me or rub lotion into every inch of my body.  I have tried just about every fake tan product on the market and I’m not exaggerating.  I have tried tan in a can, self tan lotions, creams, gradual tanners and even tanning wipes.  By far the worst wipes ever invented!

I am pleased to share with you my all time favourite tanning product which has been my best buddy for a good 18 months now.  St Tropez everyday gradual tan body and face creams are amazing.  I smooth a little of this over my skin after I shower or bath every day and I have a natural all over glow.  I’ve never encountered a single streak, there’s no bad odour and I’ve even stopped wearing foundation as my face looks nice and even pretty much all of the time.  You can pick up the St Tropez gradual tanner for body and the separate version for the face for £15 each.

An all year round glow in exchange for a couple of minutes every day?  Try it, you will never look back!

Body Wraps

This treatment is probably a little lazy but for those of you who have the best of intentions, who keep meaning to go to the gym for more than just a sauna and the jacuzzi but never actually do, this ones for you!  Body wraps.  Now, I was sceptical about this at first, I had people tell me you lost inches all over only to put them back on the minute a morsel of food touched your lips but I can tell you unequivocally that is rubbish.  The first time I had a body wrap, I had no expectations as I had heard so much bad press from friends and even the odd beautician but I was amazed to lose 9 inches and I wasn’t exactly over weight in the first place.

Whats involved?

The therapist started by exfoliating my legs, thighs, bum and tum and then I was smothered in a rich clay.  Then for the bandages, wet and warm and firmly wrapped from ankle to under the breast or all over and down your arms if you wish.  This sounds quite nice but in truth the warm bandages get cold very quickly and you’re then stuck in them for the next hour but chuck a blanket on or an old dressing gown and you’ll be fine.  I forgot to mention that you can keep your knickers and bra on so you don’t have to stand there in your birthday suit whilst some stranger rubs clay into your bits and pieces. Once you are freed from your bandage prison, you will look and feel tighter.  I’ve never known someone who’s had it done and not been happy with the results, although there are plenty of people who claim it doesn’t work when in fact they haven’t tried it.  Admittedly it won’t last forever but by the time you notice the effects have worn off, you can go and book another one.

I found most beauty salons offer some form of body wrap treatment and there’s an awful lot of mobile therapists who will come to your home and do it too, so you can even save time and petrol money by having this done to you in the comfort of your own home.  This treatment starts at around £20 for a half body (legs and bum) and will get you quicker results than the gym ever can, but obviously the gym wins hands down if you want to be fit and healthy alongside your svelte new look.  Another plus point of the body wrap is that clay draws out impurities from the skin so in actual fact you’re probably having a mini detox every time you have one and the bandages compact the soft body tissue and sculpt you into shape.  It certainly beats lipo and costs a lot less, it doesn’t involve sweaty gym gear or hours on a treadmill, so why not give it a bash for a short term quick fix?

So there you go, that’s my top 3.  I honestly think I could survive without anything else so long as my brows look good, I have a golden glow and my skin is feeling tight and smooth.

HD Brows

St Tropez

Contour body wrap




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