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Tips for common hair emergencies

Tips for common hair emergencies

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We all have bad hair days or the occasional styling nightmare, and knowing what action to take to rescue your ‘do’ is essential if you are avoid the need to hibernate for the next three months. Here are some top tips for common hair emergencies.

Limp, Lank, Locks

Despite what the adverts tell us, there are just some days when no amount of hair product is going to perk up our hair. Limp hair can occur after a straightening treatment, or when you’ve been working the home heat pads a little too often. There is a fine line between sleek and slack. To add some volume back, start with a clarifying shampoo which will cleanse and open up your cuticles (the outer layer of your hair shaft), giving your hair a more full look. A spritz of volumising spray and an upside-down blow dry should complete the transformation.

Too-Short Chop

An overzealous salon pro can sometimes lose the plot and leave you with a cut that is stupidly short. If it’s really that bad and you have at least 3 short inches of hair remaining, the simplest solution is to invest in some easy clip-in extensions until your Edward Scissorhands do grows out a bit. During this time, regular trims will keep your hair healthy. You can also cheer yourself up with a few pretty accessories, like colourful barrettes or headbands.

Bothersome Bangs

Tips for common hair emergenciesIt can be tempting to try snipping a fringe in at home, but if your inner stylist was having an off day and you are left with the fringe from hell, then it’s time for action. The fringe should have grown sufficiently within a month to have it properly shaped by a pro, but in the meantime get clever with your styling and experiment with a deep side parting to distract the eye. Holding spray on damp hair can help you flatten roots out to give an illusion of more length, or a cute narrow headband will simply pull the bang back and no-one will ever know there was a problem

Colour Crash

It looked great on the box, but your home-colour application hasn’t gone to plan. Light colours are easy to fix, as you can simply use a toner to deepen the shade, or visit the salon and ask your stylist to introduce a few low lights to ease the glow. To take darker hair to a lighter shade you will probably need to add a product containing bleach in some form, and it’s always best to take advice from a pro before you try this, or better still have them do it for you. Semi-permanent colours are safer to use, as they wash out in 4-6 weeks, compressing your hair agony into a shorter timeframe.

Long Term Breakage

Chronic hair breakage usually results from extensive use of harsh chemicals on your hair over time. It’s time to be kind to your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair to remove tangles, as a brush can be too harsh. What your hair needs now is hydration and protein, and a weekly deep conditioning treatment will help restore your hair back to rude health. Applying a conditioning mask that stays on the hair for up to 10 minutes can also provide a great cleansing boost to tired and damaged cuticles.

Creased-up Do

Straightening irons used incorrectly can leave a dent line in your hair. A simple reapplication of the iron in the same area won’t cut it. You will need to dampen the section of hair and blow dry it out, before getting busy with the straightness again. Apply a bit of holding spray on the section before you begin for extra dent-removing assurance.



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