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Tips for selling your home

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When you’re trying to sell your home, you obviously can’t control the current state of the market, but there are steps you can take to maximise your chances of success. If only one property in 10 is selling in the first month, then make sure that one is yours. If other houses in your street seem to be selling like hot cakes, then maybe it’s time to take a good long look at yours in comparison and try to take an objective view of where it is coming up short – whatever you may think, first impressions do count!

Kerb appeal

Stand outside your house and compare it to your neighbours’ homes. If chipped paintwork, broken tiles and a small meadow where there should be a lawn, make you feel more than a little embarrassed, then it’s likely your potential buyers won’t be impressed either. As well as the lawn and any woodwork or tiles that need freshening up, look at things like your guttering, paving slabs and garage door.

The beauty within

Once you’ve got buyers safely through the front door you need to keep the positives coming. This means de-cluttering and de-personalising. Although you may think buyers will be able to see past the hundreds of pictures of your children interspersed with finger paintings all over the walls, too much sentimentality can make it difficult for people to imagine the life they could create in the home.


selling your homeMost family homes are filled with it; bits, bobs and stuff has a habit of working its way onto every surface and into every nook and cranny, but it’s not attractive and it makes your home look small and lacking in storage space. Getting rid of some of that junk is essential if you’re planning to sell your house. Through a mixture of throwing stuff out, donating to charity shops, or tidying away into cupboards and closets, you should be able to make a decent dent in it. You could even consider making use of a friend or family member’s spare room or garage to store any surplus furniture or additional junk until your house is sold.

Although you want your house to still look homely, people need to be able to imagine themselves living there.

Repair and revamp

Now is the time to get to all those little jobs you have been putting off. When it’s a close call between two properties, it could be down to those minor details. Fix leaky taps, repair any cracks and repaint in neutral where walls are looking grubby or if that garish floral print from five years ago no longer looks trendy. Get a new shower curtain and bath mat and give your home a good airing.

Deep clean

Clean as though your life depended on it. Although you may be immune to the layer of dog hair along the skirting board, potential buyers won’t be. Dust and dirt can be very off putting so it’s worth paying attention to some of those jobs which often find their way down to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list; so the skirting boards, the oven, behind the fridge, the light fittings and lamp shades, the windows etc.

Let there be light

Light is one of the key points buyers will be looking for. There’s nothing worse than a dark and dingy home, so make sure you’ve got bright working bulbs, pull back or replace dark curtains and add extra lighting if necessary in any dark corners.

Pet control

Unless the next owners of your house happen to be huge animal lovers, the last thing people want is to be accosted by a massive dog as they walk through the door, or to see the hamster cage on the kitchen worktop, so keep your pets under control when you have someone coming to view. If possible it’s even better to get them out of the house altogether for that half hour.

Don’t hover

When it comes to the viewing itself, it can be beneficial for you to be around if the viewers want to ask any detailed questions about the house or the area, but don’t hover. Let your guests wander round your house freely; they need to feel comfortable and at ease to have a walk around.






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