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Tips for Spring gardening

tips for spring gardening

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It’s that time of year where we start to think about spending more time out in the garden. However, much like getting our bodies beach-ready for summer, gardens can need a bit of extra work and TLC after the winter.

Spring is usually the busiest time in a garden so get a head start and get out there before it becomes too much to handle. From shaking the effects of winter off, to planning how you’d like the garden to look in the height of summer, there’s plenty that you could be getting on with right now.

Spring clean

Winter can leave gardens looking a bit drab but with a little bit of elbow grease you can brighten it back up again. Use a power washer to get dirt off paving, give the shed a hose down (the kids will love helping with this part), scrub decking areas and wash plant pots, barbecues and garden toys. A big spring clean will go a long way in making your garden look better and it will give you a clear base to start on.


Nobody likes to go out and weed the garden when the weather’s miserable, so make the most of the odd spot of sunshine to get your garden weed-free. Getting rid of weeds and moss between paving stones can really transform a garden and removing unwelcome greenery from flower beds will save you a job later.

Cut the grass

It’s time to get the lawn mower out and check what kind of condition the wintry weather has left your grass in. Once you’ve finished cutting it, give the lawn a good rake and cover it in grass food to encourage a healthy green lawn.

Plant summer flowers

tips for spring gardeningOnce the frost eases off, it’s time to start planting bulbs that will flower during the summer months. Before hitting the garden centre, decide on the kind of look you want to achieve and choose plants that will complement the overall effect.

Prepare the vegetable patch

If you fancy growing some veggies then April is the ideal time to start sowing the seeds. Make sure the patch is well turned over, add some fertiliser and off you go. Veggies that should be sown in spring include carrots, beetroot, lettuces and spring onions.

Protect from slugs

Slugs may seem pretty inoffensive but they can cause havoc in the garden, leaving holes in leaves, flowers and even bulbs. There are two types of products for deterring or getting rid of slugs: biological or chemical. The type you use will largely depend on what you’re growing as you may be reluctant to use chemical products on vegetables. Slug pellets and biological control (Nemaslug) are popular methods of dealing with the problem and, when used correctly, pose little danger for other wildlife. However, if you’d prefer a more natural approach, you may wish to try setting traps, creating barriers from things like egg shells, encouraging birds into the garden to eat the slugs or simply just going out in the evening and picking them off plants.





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